Kathie Lee Gifford has opened up the secret behind her flawless look. She accepted the fact of undergoing plastic surgery. And the fascinating part is that she has perfectly upheld 40-30-38 inches measurements even at age 62.

She is not just an American television host but also an actress, songwriter, singer and a comedian. She won her first daytime Emmy Award as a part of the “Today” team. She also became Miss America pageant in 1991.

Talking about her perfect figure, Kathie has an aesthetic frame with perfect body statistics. Her body measurements are reported to be 40-30-38 inches. As Gifford owns huge busts, 36D is the bra size she requires. Since she has such a fit figure, it’s astonishing to know that Kathie is a mother to two children.

Kathie Lee has a firm and wrinkles free skin which looks impeccable even at her 60s. The gorgeous look raised questions regarding the plastic surgery among her fans which were later confirmed as she mentioned the details of undergoing treatments like Botox and laser in the book called ‘When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg’.

Here’s a video -before and after her surgery:

Most people seem to get wrinkles on their face in their 40’s. She has admitted that the reason behind her plastic surgery is to look more pretty. She adopted that strategy when she was 35. Did anyone obligate her to do it? Or she feared of the aging factor?

Kathi Lee Gifford’s son, Cody Gifford, is a USC magna cum laude graduate and a screenwriter

Kathie’s son, Cody Gifford, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University Of Southern California School Of Cinematic Arts. He evoked his career writing script coverage at Scott Free Productions as a development intern.

Later, he joined the Fox Writers Studio at Twentieth Century Fox in 2012. Cody would have debuted in the movie ‘Big Daddy’ (1999) if Kathie had culled the role and hadn’t denied it.

Kathie gave birth to son Cody Gifford on March 22 ,1990, and three years later, she gave birth to daughter, Cassidy Erin Gifford.

We are loving Kathie Lee’s curls!

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Truly, she has such an attractive appearance and figure that it’s hard to believe her real age. She is an ideal example of plastic surgery success of the current industry. Kathie Lee Gifford always has aglow on her face which lights up the whole crew she works with.