Jyl Moder was born in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are Mike Moder and Patricia Ann Watz. Daniel Moder, John Moder, Debbie Moder, and Jane Moder are the other siblings of Moder. Hazel Moder, her niece, and Phinnaeus and Henry Daniel Moder are the nephews of Jyl Moder.

Jyl is a Costume designer by profession. She designed costumes for the TV series ”Salute Your Shorts, Almost Perfect. It’s Like You Know…, Men Behaving Badly, My adventures in Television, Lucky, Love, Inc., Thick and Thin, Heist, and Big Shots.” To know about her family, net worth, relationship, stay tuned.

Jyl Moder Bio

A costume designer who was born and raised in LA, California, Jyl Moder. As a costume designer, she has worked for a few movies like The Beverly Hillbillies, Pery Mason Mystery: The case of The Lethal Lifestyle (Tv movie), Houseguest, Carman: The Champion, and the Untitled Jenny McCarthy project (Tv movie).

Jyl Moder
Jyl Moder. Source: Radarfreshintelligence via Coleman-Rayner

Likewise, in television series like Salute Your Shorts, Almost Perfect, It’s Like You Know…, Men Behaving Badly, My adventures in Television, Lucky, Love, Inc., Thick and Thin, Heist, and Big Shots.

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Mike Moder and Patricia Ann Watz are her parents. Jyl’s father, Mike Moder, is a film producer. His production includes Jeremiah Johnson, Crime of the century, Songwriter, They All Laughed, and others. She is known as the sister of Daniel Moder.

Daniel Moder, brother of Jyl Moder.

Daniel Moder, born in Los Angeles, California, on January 31, 1969, full name Daniel Richard Moder. He is an American Cinematographer. His work in Secret in Their Eyes and Fireflies in the garden was much recognized and appreciated.

Daniel Moder with his wife Julia Roberts on their 18th anniversary
Daniel Moder with his wife Julia Roberts on their 18th anniversary. Image: Juliaroberts via Instagram

Daniel was at first a production assistant. His work as a production assistant in 1995 the Crimson Tide became a huge success. It was nominated for the three Academy Awards. Only in 2000 did he debut as Cinematographer with the short film Kid Quick.

Daniel Moder is now the husband of famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Before that, he married make-up artist Vera Steimberg. They divorced in 2002 after being together for five years. In the same year, Moder married Julia Roberts. They have three children’s Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter Moder (twin daughter), and a son Henry Daniel Moder.

What is the Net Worth of Jyl Moder?

The average income of a costume designer is $62,450 annually. Working in numerous tv-series and a few films, Jyl Moder earned around $1 million in her bank account. However, the whereabouts of her home, car and other assets are unknown.

Jyl Moder is on the move.
Jyl Moder is on the move. Image SourceRadarfreshintelligence via Coleman-Rayner

Similarly, her father, Mike Moder, has a net worth of $12 million as a producer and assistant director. On the other hand, her brother Daniel Moder has a net worth of $10 million as a cinematographer. But her sister-in-law Julia Roberts has an estimated net worth of $250 million as of 2021.

In conclusion, we can say Jyl Moder has established herself as a distinguished costume designer in America.

Jyl Moder Battling Aganist Alcohol Addiction

Jyl has a long history of alcohol battles. She also troubled her brother Daniel Moder and sister-in-law Julia Roberts many times. Many sources claim that the couple was paying as much as $500k for Moder’s rehab facilities. In 2015, Moder was arrested for hitting her fiance in a bar while she was drunk. She was released at a bail of $50,000.

Jyl Moder
Jyl Moder. Source: Radarfreshintelligence via the national enquirer.

Moder was even made-up to leave her house in Palm Desert, California. It is said that she and her fiancé caused trouble to the neighbors.

Jyl never had a good relationship with her now sister-in-law Julia Roberts. She thinks Julia was the reason for her brother’s divorce from Vera. However, Julia paid $3,000 for the tough rehab facilities for Moder. As a result, Jyl started to think of her life in a new way. Eventually, she celebrated a sobriety year in rehab.

Who is the fiance of Jyl Moder?

In 2015, she shared her house with her then-fiancé Blaine Chaney in Palm Desert, California. Unknown of their legal status. Blaine Chaney is a band member of the punk band The Suburbs as a lead guitarist.

Other sources say both of them were in a toxic relationship. They create a lot of problems for their neighbors. They drank all night and threw the garbages outside their home for a long time. Hence, they were sent a 90-day legal notice to move out of the house.