Junior Edwards is well-recognized as an American alligator hunter appearing on the reality TV series, Swamp People. He was the regular cast of the show till season six but left in the seventh season, which left many of his fans in dismay. However, demands for the more salary was rumored to be the cause of his departure.

Early Life

Junior Edwards standing alongside the dead fish

Junior Edward started off his career as a professional fisherman. Getting involved in hunting and fishing, he gradually developed his skills in it. Despite being a professional fisherman, he gradually got inclined towards alligator hunting too. Afterwards, he quickly switched his passion in hunting and majorly got involved in the adventure.

Breakthrough point Swamp People

After being passionate towards life-risking adventure, his interest in hunting provided him with a opportunity to appear in the TV.  In 2010, he got cast in the History’s reality series Swamp People, which documents the alligator hunters based on Southern, Louisiana. He did his appearance alongside his son, Willie Edwards from the first season.

Junior Edwards in front of the camera

Junior was recognized as a unique character on the show. Apart from engaging only in preparations of big alligator hunting, he also hand throws a hook to catch loose alligators. Though it’s a dangerous task, it produced good results for him. At one time, he also hurt his back in the offseason while pulling in crawfish nets. 

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Apart from the adrenaline rush adventure, the show also chronicles the strong bond Willie and Junior in the show. Despite his yelling and screaming nature, Willie is immensely loyal to him. He never raises a voice against him instead he respects his father decisions and demands. Together, they have also catched alligator known as Big Bertha which was a great achievement for them.

Junior Edwards with his son Willie

Junior was the regular member of the show since the inception, but unfortunately, season six turned out to be his last episode, as he was fired from the show. Since then, Willie has been steering the family name alone. The show is running it’s ninth season since February 1, 2018.

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It was rumored that the cause of the departure was the demand for more salary. However, he falsified the rumors by showing up on multiple TV interviews, and stating he had nothing to do with the money. He also claimed that it is a particular family in the swamps that started those rumors.

Junior Edwards is holding an deer antlers

From the professional fishing to alligator hunting, the duo of father and son net worth is estimated to be $500,000 in 2018.

Social Sites 

Junior Edward along with his son Willie is quite active on social sites. The duo also runs a website called juniorandwillieedwards.com, through which they bring out their hunting journey. Also, they have a Facebook page with 3.47K followers and 14K followers on Twitter. 

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