Julian McMahon has finally wedded after 11 long years of being in a relationship withKelly Paniagua. All these years, Julian McMahon’s whopping net worth helped him to keep Kelly for himself. Before Kelly, Brooke Burns was in the celebrated life of Julian with whom he shares a daughter Madison Elizabeth McMahon, born on 10th June 2000.

Julian McMohan and Kelly Paniagua had a smooth relationship throughout the last 11 years

Julian McMahon and Kelly Paniagua were together since 2003. That made 11 years of living as boyfriend and girlfriend before they finally decided to fully commit each other for the rest of their lives. Yes, in 2014, the couple decided to marry and even had an exclusive engagement which attracted a lot of media attention.

It’s very unusual to see such relationships, not only in the Hollywood but also around the world. Usually, people tend to decide to marry within one or two years of being together while some even decide within a few months. However, Julian and Kelly proved to extraordinarily exceptional.

What made them wait so long? Perhaps their own careers.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter so much as long as they have decided to marry. Julian, his daughter Madison and Kelly were going to Paris. Julian said to his daughter – “I am not sure we are going to get there, so do you think maybe we should propose on the plane together?” Julian did get some support from her daughter.

Julian McMohan’s daughter likes to be around Kelly Paniagua

Julian McMahon married Dannii Minoguein 1994. Then, again, he married Brooke Burns in 1999 and had a daughter together. Madison Elizabeth McMahon who is 16 years old at the moment is the only child of McMohan so far.

Julian and Brooke used to call their daughter Maddy. Julian hopes Kelly will keep Maddy as her own daughter. Maddy has always been fond of her grandparents.

According to Julian, Madison likes being around Kelly. She takes her out sometimes for a girls’ outing and buys her a lot of gifts as well.

Julian, with a whopping net worth of $10 million, is trying to manage whatever the two women of his life want. Although Julian McMohan has failed to get success in his previous marriages, he is going superb with his third wife.