Judy Sheindlin has a big family of 5 children and 13 grandchildren

Judy Sheindlin is standing proudly with her family surrounding her. Her husband Judge Jerry Sheindlin and their children look very happy.
Judy Sheindlin and her husband Jerry Sheindlin are parents to five children, but they do not share any children together. Judy's two children - Jamie and Adam - were born to her from her first husband, Ronald Levy, while Jerry's three children - Gregory, Jonathan, and Nicole - were born to him from his first wife. The couple is already grandparents to 13 kids.

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Judge Judy has a lovely husbandJudy Sheindlin has a big family of 5 children and 13 grandchildrenJudy Sheindlin was once divorced with her current husband Jerry SheindlinJudy SheindlinJudy Sheindlin, the "Court Show Queen"Judy Sheindlin and Jerry SheindlinJudy Sheindlin has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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