Gerald Sheindlin, better known as Jerry Sheindlin, is an American judge, author, and television personality. Popular for his brief appearance in the show, ‘The People’s Court,’ as a celebrity judge, he is effortlessly straightforward, yet gentle and humorous. He has spent 22 years of his life centralizing criminal cases as a defense attorney. 

Jerry is the husband of the evergreen famous Judge Judy, one of the highest paid TV personalities. She possesses a huge net worth of $440 million. On top of that, they share a highly successful relationship. 

So let’s find out what’s more to Jerry Sheindlin!

Jerry Sheindlin is a New York Supreme Court Judge

Gerald ‘Jerry’ Sheindlin was born on November 19, 1933, in New York to Abram Sheindlin and Tanya Sheindlin. He joined the navy during the Korean War in 1951. Later, he joined Long Island University and completed his studies in just two and a half years. He passed Juris Doctor degree in 1959 from Brooklyn Law School.

Following his passion, Jerry worked in the law firm, Adlerberg & Sheindlin, handling criminal cases for more than two decades. Jerry then served as a judge on the New York State Supreme Court from 1986 and retired in 1999 after being replaced by Judge Marilyn Milian. 

What is The People’s Court Judge Jerry Sheindlin’s Net Worth?

Jerry is also an author of two books, ‘Genetic Fingerprinting: The Law and Science of DNA Evidence’ and ‘Blood Trail.’ During his legal career, he has written more than 64 published opinions. It includes a 46 pages long opinion on the admission of DNA forensic evidence in a murder.

He appeared in ‘The People’s Court’ for two years from 1999 to 2001. He was known for being straightforward with a little bit of humor. He has made a good amount of money from his career as an author, TV personality, jurist and attorney. It has been reported that as a New York State Supreme Court’s Judge, his salary was $210,900 as of 2020. Jerry’s estimated net worth is around $14 million. 

Jerry Sheindlin and Judy Sheindlin Met at A Bar

Around 1976, Jerry Sheindlin met Judy Sheindlin in a bar when he was a defense attorney, and she was a prosecutor. While he was talking to a reporter, surprisingly, Judy crashed in and put her hand in his face, asking, “And who is this?” to which he quickly responded, “Lady, get your finger out of my face.” As ironic as it may seem, they have been together ever since. 

Jerry, 87, is often overshadowed by his famous wife, Judge Judy. Judy is one of the highest paid TV personalities through her court TV series ‘Judge Judy.’ She holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a TV judge. Judy possesses a bulky net worth of  $440 million. 

Due to her immense popularity, Jerry was often addressed as Judge Judy’s husband, during his time on ‘The People’s Court.’ However, with his humorous nature, Jerry replied them with his wit without getting offended. 

Jerry Sheindlin Was Married to Suzanne Sheindlin Before Judge Judy

Prior to Judy, Jerry had been married to Suzanne Sheindlin and had three children with her. They welcomed their first child, Gregory, in 1964, followed by Jonathan and Nicole in 1967 and 1968, respectively. 

He married Judy in 1977 and have two children with her. Like every other relationship, Jerry and Judy, too, had gone through a challenging time when they got separated in 1990 after 13 years of togetherness. It was during the time when Judy’s father died, and she couldn’t find the support she was in need of from her husband, Jerry. Eventually, after a year of dating other people, they rebounded and tied the knot again. And this time, persistently. 

Where is Jerry Sheindlin Now?

After these many years of marriage, it sounds like they are still the cutest couple when Judy admitted, “I still like to see him walk into a room. He looks good,” she told Closer in 2017, adding that her husband has been warned to keep a reasonable physique or else he’s out the door! The rule goes both ways, as she revealed, “We’ve been married 40 years, and he has never seen me without my hair combed or lipstick on.”

Currently, Jerry carries on with book writings and lives in Florida with his wife when she isn’t filming ‘Judge Judy’. Despite their shares of ups and downs with each other, they still never fail to show affection along with a playful sense of humor about their spectacular bonding.