A man with gifted abilities and great personality, Jovanotti is an inspirational figure to millions living all around the world. Italian born Jovanotti is a legendary record producer and songwriter born on 27th September of the year 1966. 48 years aged singer and songwriter Jovanotti was born in Rome, Italy. He was named Lorenzo Costantino Cherubini in his birth. He is also known as Jovanotti, Gino Latino and Jeronima on his stage. His music belongs to genres like pop, house music and world music. He has been serving his profession with great dedication and determination since the year 1988 and has sketched an irreplaceable place in the world of his profession. He has been labeled with Lbiza Records, Free Records Independent, Mercury Records, ATO Records, MapleMusic Recordings (Canada), Verve Records, Universal and Soleluna. He is really a great personality with some rare abilities and talent. Even born in Rome he lived his memorable childhood days in Cortona, Arezzo (Tuscany). Jovanotti has been married to beautiful Francesca Valiani since 6th September of the year 2008.

Some of his famous studio Albums:

·         Of the year 1988: Jovanotti for President

·         Of the year 1989: La mia moto

·         Of the year 1990: Giovani Jovanotti

·         Of the year 1991: Una tribù che balla

·         Of the year 1992: Lorenzo '92

·         Of the year 1994: Lorenzo '94

·         Of the year 1997: Lorenzo 1997 – L'albero

·         Of the year 1999: Lorenzo 1999 – Capo Horn

·         Of the year 2002: Lorenzo 2002 – Il quinto mondo

·         Of the year 2005: Buon sangue

·         Of the year 2008: Safari

·         Of the year 2011: Ora

Jovanotti is a rich man with handsome amount of net worth but his exact amount of net worth isn’t assigned in the internet. His bio is available in wiki along with his bio. He too can be followed on various social networking sites.