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What is The Rifleman star Johnny Crawford net worth in 2018?


Johnny Crawford is an American actor and singer, best known for his portrayal of Mark McCain in ABC TV series, The Rifleman.

He was born as John Ernest Crawford on March 26, 1946, in Los Angeles, to Betty and Robert Lawrence Crawford, Sr.

In 1959, he, his brother, Robert Lawrence Crawford, and his father were all nominated for Emmy Awards.

In 1955, he became one of the 24 original Mouseketeers in The Mickey Mouse Club, but was later released after the Mouseketeers were reduced to 12.

His major appearance on screen came in 1956 when he played the lead role in NBC’s live broadcast, Little Boy Lost.

He rose to fame when he was cast as Mark McCain in the 1958 show, The Rifleman. The role earned him an Emmy nomination.

He has also appeared in movies like El Dorado, The Naked Ape and Hellboy.

He has played major and guest roles in TV series and teleplays like The Lone Ranger, The Loretta Young Show, Mr. Adam and Eve and others.

He also served in the US Army as production coordinator, script supervisor and actor in army training films for two years.

As a favor to his close friend, John Longenecker, he did the USC student film, The Resurrection of Broncho Billy.

The movie won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short Subject in 1970.

In 1992, he started his dance orchestra band, JCO (Johnny Crawford Orchestra), which has been performing for 15 consecutive years in Art Directors Guild Awards shows at Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills.

The website’s highly rated first album, Sweepin’ Away the Clouds, was remastered and distributed by CD Baby in 2012.

Before starting the band, he had already given four hits ranked in Billboard Top 40 charts in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

His single, Cindy’s Birthday, peaked at no. 8 in Billboard Top 40 hits in 1962.

From his successful career in show business and music, he has banked a net worth of $1 million.

He dated Debra Tate, sister of late actress, Sharon Tate, during his late 20s.

Later, he got back with his high school girlfriend, Charlotte, in 1990 and married her in 1995. They are now separated.