Jocelyn Wildenstein was pretty beautiful, elegant and curvaceous. With blonde hair, she looked even better.

What happened to her as she got herself into the obsession of surgeries? Look at the pics. She looks absolutely like a cat. Her face shines like plastics and her lips look really unattractive.

Though Jocelyn Wildenstein might have accomplished her dream to look different, she obviously did not intent to look that way in her dreams.

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s fame spread like a wildfire after her much-awaited plastic surgery turned into a disaster. This millionaire woman spent a whopping amount of more than 4 million dollars on cosmetic surgeries to look beautiful. However, she turned into a cat woman.

Her face literally resembles a face of a cat. We’ll show you how disastrous the surgery was – her before and after pics might give goose bumps.

Jocelyn Wildenstein surgeries turned catastrophic

The spouse of the billionaire husband Alec N. Wildenstein, Jocelyn Wildenstein, divorced in 1999 ending more than two decades’ long marriage. In the meantime, she got a lot of money into her pockets as Alec had to pay millions of support money to Jocelyn.

It’s surprising to see her telephone, food and clothes bills. At the same time, it’s astounding to contemplate into her extravagant spending on beauty products. Above all, Jocelyn’s obsession to look good led her to spend a jaw-dropping sum of 4 million dollars to get plastic surgeries of various parts of her body.

Anyway, it wasn’t much looking at how much she is worth at the moment. Whether you believe it or not, she acquired 2.5 billion dollars of settlement money.

Jocelyn’s drive to get into series of surgeries started as she became increasingly frightened of getting divorced by her husband. Then, she started to plan herself a surgery that would give her a great and young look.

Wildenstein went through numerous surgeries of her breasts, butts and entire face. As the surgery finished, she looked more like a cat than a beautiful woman.

Anyway, Jocelyn isn’t too worried about her look. She doesn’t need anyone to look after her – she is got lots of money. Moreover, Jocelyn always dreamt of looking different.