Jennifer Westhoven is an immensely talented and beautiful American Journalist, recently working at Headline News. She specializes in the economy, business as well as personal finance.

Born on August 16, 1971, she belongs to American nationality with an ethnic group belonging to white. She obtained Bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Bryn Mawr College.

Westhoven completed her bachelor’s degree, Reuter-an an international news agency, hired her to cover the stock markets gradient in the period of technology banging.

She has taken interviews of famous personalities belonging to financial patents like Goldman Sachs, Richard Grasso, Abby Joseph Cohen and the famous former CEO of Tyco’s Dennis Kozlowski. After gaining vast experience of 7 years in Reuter, she ended her association with Reuter and joined CNN in 2000.

She reported several stories about the job markets, the disastrous 9/11 attack, the Chinese economic rise and the financial collapse of 2008. She also reported Live action from the NYSE.

From there, she headed to the HLN morning show. She’s been hosting a regular segment called Your Money in Morning Express With Robin Meade.

She makes a regular appearance in the HNL weekend show of Clark Howard. Dedication of almost 20 years in Journalism, she has established herself as a successful and talented journalist in the journalism sector.

Two decades-long careers as a journalist have earned her a considerable net worth. Her estimated net worth is $2.5 million, which may result from her high annual salary of $200 thousand.

Undoubtedly, her bio is inspirational for all the new journalists and familiar people. Her 20 years long contribution is appreciable.

Jennifer Westhoven’s measurements make it hard to believe that she’s been pregnant twice

The intellectually talented journalist Jennifer Westhoven is considered one of the hottest media personalities. Furthermore, with a height of five feet and three inches, her on-screen presence with a suiting outfit makes her attractive.

Besides, Westhoven’s hourglass-shaped body has a measurement of 34-32-36 inches. Likewise, her sexy long legs compliment her gorgeous body shape.

Being a mother of two children, the way she maintained her body is applaudable. Moreover, she lost the baby fat and regained her amazingly shaped body.

Talking about her hairstyle, she experimented with her hairstyles to present herself with a different and new look. Her intelligent and elegant appearance on television has undoubtedly increased her fan following.

Jennifer Westhoven is happily married to husband of 9 years

Immensely talented journalist Westhoven married her long-time boyfriend, Joe Palese. What’s more, her husband Joe is a musician and Yoga teacher by profession.

The couple took their vows in 2007. Moreover, Jennifer was pregnant twice after her marriage. She gave birth to their first child, James, on April 21, 2011, who is two years old now.

The successfully married couple doesn’t have any problem regarding their marriage. Thus, spending a happy life with each other for nine long years proves how deeply the couple is in love.