Jase Robertson has a net worth of $10 million. He is an eminent reality television star who is best perceived for his appearance on A&E reality TV show called Duck Dynasty. He is likewise known as COO of Duck Commander.

Jase Robertson’s Early Life and Progressions

Jase was born on 16th August 1969 to parents Phil and Marsha Robertson. His birth place is Bernice, Louisiana. Jase has three brothers – Alan, Willie, and Jeptha, all of whom grew up seeing their dad as the town’s Duck Commander.

As a kid, Jase used to spend much time with his father. He and his father used to go on the various hunting expeditions. Growing up, he developed same passion for the sports that his dad used to have. At a mere age of 8, he thought to spend much time in rugged lifestyle without caring if he had to miss his maximum possible school days to live a rugged lifestyle.

When Jase Robertson Got Married to Wife Missy?

Jase is a married man with a beautiful wife named Missy. They are married since 10 August 1990. With Missy, he shares three kids – Reed, Cole, and Mia. Their third child Mia was born with cleft lip and palate, to fix which the girl has undergone five surgeries till date.

Other than gaining fame as a reality star, Jase is holding the responsibility as the COO of the company Duck Commander while his brother Willie is working as the CEO of the business. His duty at the company is to fabricate duck calls, fine tune them and invent new ones.

Jase Robertson went on to get recognized as a big reality star with starring on the A&E’s popular reality series Duck Dynasty. In the show, he is presented as a foil for his brother Willie Robertson. The new season premiere of the reality series had set the new record with the massive 11.8 million viewers watching the show.

He said in an interview with Fox News that he never thought that a reality show would ever achieve such kind of success.

Jase Robertson’s Net Worth and Salary

Jase Robertson’s successful television career has earned him a huge net worth of $10 million by the start of 2016. And with this, he has become one of the conspicuous reality stars of American reality TV world. For more news and recent updates, keep following Jase Robertson on Twitter @JaseDuckman.