At least Jared Kushner isn’t delusional about Trump’s chances of winning the presidential election. Kushner informally approached LionTree Advisors executive Aryeh Bourkoff about setting up a Trump television network after the election.

However, the investment bank doesn’t want to be involved in it, according to the insider. Kushner reached to one of the top dealmakers of the media industry Bourkoff in the past month, and no conversations followed afterward, the source claimed on Monday.

There’s no reason given for LionTree’s hesitancy to participate in the process. The banker is unlikely to work on such a network, reported by the press. A LionTree spokesman declined to the comment.

In August, media reported that Mr. Kushner has explored the possibility of either creating a media property, and his brief conversations with veteran media investment banker was a part of that effort, according to an insider, who asked for secrecy for the private discussion.

The republican presidential nominee, whose campaign is headed by Stephen Bannon, a digital media entrepreneur has denied that he is willing to start his own network. Trump told to Washington Post last month “I have no interest in a media company”. Furthermore, the news of his plans of setting up one was just the false rumor.

But seemingly, the approach suggests Kushner and the Republican nominee himself are thinking about how to capitalize on the general movement that has bounced up around their campaign in an event of an election defeat to the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton next month.

Donald Trump is perhaps not willing to accept it publicly, or even admit to himself privately, however he is losing. An NBC News poll shows Clinton leading him by eleven points nationally with weeks to go before the election.

He can’t seem to dig himself out of the avalanche of people alleging that he sexually harassed and even assaulted them without consent. Trump denied the allegations saying that some of the women weren’t even attractive enough for him.

Trump spent last week claiming that ‘the election is rigged’ and the media is participating in it. He took on a Twitter that Saturday Night Live’s satire of him this weekend was the part of the media plot against him.

The owner of the New York Observer weekly newspaper is married to Ivanka Trump, Trump’s elder daughter.

An effort to setting-up a Trump-TV network would face numerous obstacles even with the large audiences to watch its programs. For creating a television network, Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner would require a major cash investment and the willingness by cable providers as well. Without both, discussions of this TV network would persist in the realm of fantasy.