Carli Lloyd seems time bound to be in a serious relationship, let alone find a suitable husband and get married. The 27-year-old national team player has outstanding volleyball skills to show off to her audience but not a “serious” boyfriend. She won the 2016 Olympic bronze medal with Team USA.

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A star athlete, Carli Llyod suffered stress fractures and a year-long depression. This might have directed her to focus on herself first

Carli started playing volleyball from a very early age.Her biggest role model and mentor were the very popular Galen Tomlinson of the “American Gladiator”, best known as Turbo.

While still in high school, Carli was awarded “Fallbrook High School Female Athlete of the Year 2007”. She then went on to University of California, Berkeley. She led the USA A2 team to win the USA Adult Open Championship in Phoenix.

In 2012, she was diagnosed with fracture in her shins which critically threatened her volleyball career. A fear that she would not be able to play volleyball again led her to a year-long depression.

Thanks to her dedication and courage, she defied her illusions and worked harder to win a gold medal with Team USA at the 2015 Pan American Games. Carli was consecutively selected for the 2016 Olympics.

Carli’s commitment, as observed in 2016 Olympics, might have made her too busy to date any guy

Carli gave her peak career performance at the Rio Olympics in 2016. She earned a bronze medal at her event where Team USA lost to Serbia in the semi-finals.

Obviously, Carli must have worked way too hard for the Olympics and her career so far. Imagine all the time commitment she must have made to master her craft – it is not with simple effort and talent that a College volleyball player gets to represent her country at International competitions.

It is most probable that all this made her too busy to fall for anyone. For all we know, she could be secretly dating!

However, Carli is yet to officially comment on her relationship status. She is quite reluctant to disclose her private life- especially in social media.

Either way, we wish Carli a very rewarding career ahead. She is an inspiration- not only athletes but all young ones who suffered breakdowns early in their career. Who knows, maybe fans will get to hear about Carli Lloyd’s boyfriend soon.