Sharon Tay has attained perfect and sharp features after plastic surgery. The beautifully transformed Singaporean-American journalist seems to be very protective about her personal life. There had been few rumors regarding her marriage in the past. But then, nothing was confirmed.

A good news for guys! The beautiful Sharon Tay is single

Reportedly, Tay dated an anonymous guy back in her college days. The couple stayed together for around four years before parting with their ways.

Other than this, no news related to her personal life has hit the tabloids. Neither has she been encountered sharing romantic gesture with any of the media personalities. However, this does not mean she is not interested in men. No Doubt, she is straight.

The gorgeous journalist is currently associated with MSNBC. Working in the industry since the early 90s and facing all the challenges, Sharon has ultimately achieved huge success, coupled with five Emmy Awards.

From the information that has been revealed till date, it seems like Sharon Tay is not married to anyone. However, until authorized sources confirm, it is hard to say if she is single or not.

Sharon Tay denied all her plastic surgery allegations

With her talent and eye-pleasing appearance, this beautiful reporter has been ruling the industry for a long time. However, her growing age seems to be affecting her confidence regarding her look. As revealed, 49 years old Tay had taken filler injection and Botox injection. Changes in the shape of her nose indicate rhinoplasty procedure (nose job) too.

Comparing her before and after photos, it is clearly visible that she has opted for the nose job as it appears slimmer than before. Moreover, it seems like she has got Botox injections. Even near to reaching her 50s, she has amazed her viewer with no sign of wrinkles on her face.

Also, her blushing face gives us the hint of filler injection. No wonder, Sharon Tay has gone under the knife of the surgeon to maintain her beautiful and youthful appearance.

The touch-ups on her face have enhanced Tay Sharon’s beauty, but she has not officially confessed any of her plastic surgery . Tay Sharon has always denied all the allegations whenever asked about her changed appearance.