Unlike most of the comedians, Nikki Glaser possesses a very hot body. She is slim and can carry sexy dresses pretty well. She has balanced her busy life schedule and maintained her frame so ideally that everyone will definitely fall for her.

Nikki has a splendid tall height of 5 feet 9 inches that could match her impeccable shape and her weight is a plus point for her figure which makes it more stunning.

I copied this pose from Lea Michele. I also left my spray tan on too long. #loweroast #orange

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Besides a comedian, she is also an actor and host. With that attractive body, she can definite be a model.

If Nikki had a serious relationship she would be a married woman. She shares a good friendship with ex-boyfriend, Joe Derosa, and currently, she is single. For her age, Nikki Glaser has perfect body measurements which she has maintained.

Nikki Glaser’s sensual body has perfect measurements. Once in a relationship with Joe Derosa, she now shares only a good friendship with him. Does she have a boyfriend?

She has given many couples love tips but fails in her love life situations. Nikki’s affairs and marriage rumors are just fake news.

A Love Guru for other couples, Nikki Glaser is not in a relationship

Beautiful Nikki Glaser has dated many men but not serious enough to get married. She is very secretive about her personal life all her affairs are hidden. She passes numerous tips to couples through her program but may be her tips is not applicable in her life.

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It was reported that she was dating a comedian Joe Derosa. The couple released a web series in 2012 titled – We Should Break Up, which mocked on and off relationships of people.

It was said that they were no more a couple when they released the series. Seems, they shared a good friendship. The former couple teamed up to produce a hilarious series called Official Comedian.

As Nikki has never spoken about her affairs in public there is no certain news about her love life. With her lucrative personality, she can make anyone go crazy for her.

As for now, she is not in a relationship but knows lots of things about being in a relationship. That’s may be the reason she consistently blogs about it, writes a guide about it and never fails to give tips about it.

Zanies Nashville last night with @teenagemillionaire. What a good, hilarious friend.

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