Matt Gutman is married and is living in Miami, Florida with his wife. Recently, millions of hearts shattered after Matt Gutman exposed his shirtless images in social media.

Counted among reporters with alluring personality in ABC News, Matt Gutman has most envied physique structure. Famous as handsome hunk journalist from ABC News, he owns strong uniquely muscled and athletic body. His amazing look and attitude are always fantasized by most of his fans especially by females.

Professionally, he holds best credentials from reporting of Nightline, Good Morning America and ABC News programs. Most enthusiastic and admired, Gutman is followed by over twenty thousand fans in Twitter.

Unlike, to his sparkling professional life, most of the interesting facts about his personal life still remains in mystery. Despite being camera friendly, it couldn’t just make him disclose thename of his wife till the date. As a result, most of the readers are still wondering what her name could be.

Until the day before, his perfection was enough for his fans to wonder about him. While most of his female fans were fantasizing about his status, the new update about his marriage shocked almost everyone of us.

Though the complete update about his married life is missing but some sources have confirmed that he is living in Miami, Florida with his loving wife.

This ridiculously handsome man also works as the host of Sea Rescue for which he is always seen reporting on beaches. It was exactly when he was spotted shirtless and the image was enough for his fans to get overwhelmed with joy.

Ever known as themost eligible bachelor with sturdy personality from ABC News, Matt Gutman is now living happily with his wife. This updated news has proven to be themajor reason behind zillions of shattered hearts.