One of the high profile female sports reporters in the US, Erin Andrews didn’t make it to this level just through her sports reporting and commentating abilities but also through her glamorous personality. While many male fans are attracted by her personality, female fans are looking up to her for the secrets behind her hot body measurements.

Erin Andrews Body Measurements 

Erin was very active in dance, while in school and college. She was even the member of the Florida Gators Dazzlers dance team from 1997 to 2000. She has been voted as the “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” by Playboy magazine twice (once in 2007) in the past.

Erin Andrews' flaunting her hot body measurements in red bikini. The photo was featured in July/August 2017 issue of Health magazine

Standing at the height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighing around 55 kg, Erin has maintained hot body measurements of approximately 36-23-33 inches. She requires the dress size of 6 and is blessed with long slender legs.

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Erin’s Workout

Erin visits Los Angeles barre studio Physique 57 to get a sexier bikini body. She works out with dance-like movements, there. When asked about the secrets behind her body measurements, Erin stated in an interview addressing her hectic work schedules, 

“Of course, there are days when I’m not able to fit in a workout, but then I’ll get in 30 minutes or an hour of exercise the next day—even it’s just a walk on the beach.”

Erin Andrews

The stunner is busy trying the Orange Theory fitness routine these days. It’s an amazing workout methodology where you workout for just an hour and reap its benefits for 36 hours. Erin says that she hates the gym but when she walks out of a gym, it’s the best feeling in the world. She says that Sundays aren’t a day of work, not rest. She stated,

“For most people, weekends are a time for relaxing, but I spend almost half of the year traveling for work every weekend during the NFL season!”

Erin Andrews

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Erin’s Everyday Diet Plans

The beautiful blonde starts her day at 7:30 AM with some breakfast. Afterward, she has a workout class. Her breakfast usually includes a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. After the workout session, she has some smoothie. She usually goes for a heavy breakfast, including eggs, bacon, fruit, a side of pancakes or French toast during the game season. 

Erin Andrews has a slender long legs and has maintained a hot body measurements complimented by her height of 5 ft 10 inches and weight of 55 kg

She prefers to keep her lunch light with some soup and salad and the occasional veggie juice. During the snack time, she opts for bone broth with some turmeric and ginger for good skin and energy.

Erin loves to have a big dinner, due to the more conscious choices she makes during the day. However, even for the date night with her husband, Jarret Stoll, she sticks with a smart routine that allows her to stay on track. Their ideal choices for dinner maybe heavy food like pasta, fish or sushi.

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Erin faced criticism for her looks

Erin Andrews in hot green top and pink skirt

While many people have been envious of her personality, she has been criticized time and again for flaunting her looks on-air. In defense of the sexist comments, she once said, “I work with some of the best-dressed men in sports broadcasting—those boys get their hair and makeup done, and their clothes aren’t cheap. So I just have to laugh about that double standard.”

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Peephole Video Earned her Huge Public Attention

Many people claim that her career skyrocketed after the peephole video. In 2008, when she was in Nashville to cover a local football game, a stalker followed her and booked a room next to her at the Marriott hotel. He hacksawed a peephole on Andrews’ hotel room and videotaped her for 5 minutes when she was in her hotel room completely naked. He later contacted gossip websites to sell the videotape, but after failed attempts, he posted the footage online. 

Sports reporter Erin Andrews coloring in the playground

The video featuring Andrews nude spread like a wildfire and she was completely traumatized. After a few months of investigation, Nashville police managed to find out the stalker. He happened to be the 47 years old divorced man named Michael David Barrett, an insurance company executive based in Chicago. He was fired after the scandal surfaced.  He claimed that the only reason why he chose her was that he found her name trending on Yahoo. 

Michael David Jarret, who stalked Erin Andrews in the Marriott hotel

The stalker pleaded guilty to the charges and also admitted that he stalked her at three different hotels. He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in federal prison and was also registered as a sex offender. In October 2015, she filed a civil lawsuit against both Barrett and the Marriott hotel for $75 million.

While the attorneys for the hotel claimed that Barret was solely responsible for the peephole video, they also pointed out that the fact that her career went uphill after the footage leak showed that the reporter did not suffer permanent damage and distress. The case was settled at $55 million. 

Erin Andrews crying during the court's trial for the peephole video

During the trial, she couldn’t hold back the tears when talking about the damage the peephole video did to her. While tearfully testifying on the stand, the reporter said Barrett’s imprisonment did not make the suffering go away. She was humiliated and continued to suffer as people were watching the video non-stop.

The aftermath of the peephole video met with mix reactions. While some people expressed their sympathy and refused to even look at the stills, many didn’t miss out on the opportunity to take a peek at the scandalous video. 

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