The History reality series, Ice Road Truckers, premiered on June 17, 2007. It was an instant hit and has been so for over a decade now.

But, how well do you know the cast of the show? Here are some interesting stuff, you might not have known before.

Lisa Kelly and Rick Yemm Feud

After leaving the show back in 2012, Rick Yemm has been vocal about the way he was treated.

He claims that he is not a bad guy that the show portrayed him to be. He was also critical about Lisa Kelly.

“She wasn’t driving 90% of the time. Every time it got dangerous, she wouldn’t drive,” he stated in an interview with Huliq.

Payment Issue

Despite being one of the highest rated History shows, IRT cast is not paid like other reality counterparts.

The man behind the show, Thom Beers, controls salary demands by signing drivers a multi-year contract.

Tim Zickuhr: A Convicted Felon

Timothy Zickuhr joined the spin-off series, IRT: Deadliest Roads, in its second season in 2011.

He was arrested for kidnapping and attacking a prostitute, Snow White, in Las Vegas.

Following the incident, he was charged with three felonies.

Lisa Kelly Break

In 2009, Lisa Kelly joined the show’s cast in season 3 as the only woman and subsequently took part in season 4 and 5.

However, she did not show up in the season 6 though she was offered to be a part of the season.

She later revealed that she took a timely break after being around a camera all the time, which she believes invaded her privacy.

The Polar Bear Allegation

After a brutal truck crash in 2014, Hugh sustained major injuries.

As he was on a passenger-seat, he filed a lawsuit against one of the producers, who was driving the truck.

Hugh still claims that his injuries are permanent and he has to deal with the pain all over his body.