Updated: 02/25/2017 06:48 PM | First Published: 09/16/2016 11:50 AM

Husband-less Jessi Combs faced lesbian rumors. Reported to have a boyfriend, is she getting married? More on her highly publicized accident

Jessi Combs, a Television personality well known for her roles in Myth Busters and Xtreme 4×4, was widely considered to be a lesbian. In contrast to this, it has also been revealed that she has a new sexy boyfriend in her lavish life.

Jessi Combs is reportedly spotted with Chris Jacobs

What’s the truth? Combs has reportedly denied the rumour that she is a lesbian. In fact, it has been in thenews that she is going out with a new guy – sexy and charming. Who might it be?

According to the sources, her new secret life boyfriend could be Chris Jacobs, who will be hosting the 6th season of Discovery Channel show Overhaulin.

Well, it seems like a good choice – both of them have their passion for automobiles.

Combs on Instagram:

Since the starting day of the shoot ofXtreme 4x4, Combs and Jacobs were spotted to have been mingling with each other. They made out well together: posting photos of a lot of birthdays and parties.

It has been speculated that they already have a deep chemistry going on between them. Who knows, Jacobs might just be the one holding her hand and walking in the church, maybe soon enough.

Jessi Combs also met her ex-husband, Ian Johnson, while doing the show Xtreme 4×4.
Jessi Combs with her team:

Jessi Combs survived a motorcycle accident

In 2014, Jessi Combs had a motorcycle accident. According to the reports, she collided with a car in front her. The doctors said that she had some minor injuries including scars and few cuts, no fractures, fortunately. The best thing is that she survived the accident, which could have been fatal.

It’s doubtful whose mistake was it: the car driver or Combs herself. Perhaps, being the land speed record holder, Jessi Combs was going a little out of control on the road. Here's her record-setting ride:

After being taken to the hospital, she said on facebook: “Just left the hospital… couldn’t have been luckier in this accident! We could literally see the main artery pumping AND the nerve that gives feeling to my foot. No broken bones, tho there was multiple chip fractures the orthopedic cleaned out during surgery. Could have been way worse! If I wasn’t wearing leather boots, I may not have a foot. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your good wishes!!! You guys never seem to amaze me when it’s time to rally! Your support will be forever cherished.”

With rumors hovering all around about the chemistry with the newly found boyfriend, Jessi Combs ought to be careful about herself now onwards.