Nat Wolff is probably the hottest guy in Hollywood. What could be hotter than a shirtless Nat? His body and the smart look attracts a lot of girls. In fact, he has a long list of his girlfriends.

Nat Wolff’s lean body makes him look the hottest guy when shirtless

His full name is Nathaniel Marvin Wolff. Doesn’t the name in itself sound hotter than any other name? When it comes to the person himself, Nat is a replica of the hotness reflected by his name.

Nat Wolff, 21 years old now, has starred in various famous movies such as The Faults in Our Stars. Have you watched that movie? If you haven’t watched it, then go and watch it right away. In the movie, his performance depicts an intense romance and hotness.

Then you’ll know Nat looks even hotter when he is romantic. Well, he doesn’t even have to take off his shirt.

Going back to his shirtless figure, Nat has an average looking body. He has no tattoos, no piercings or no any other fancy kinds of stuff going around under his T-shirt. That’s what makes him look cool and attractive.

Here’s a video, taken by the fans, of Nat and his former girlfriend on the beach. Even though it was recorded from a significant distance, Nat looks playful, sexy and romantic in the video.

To maintain his lean body, Nat does mild workouts and weight lifting just to get rid of the body fat. He doesn’t want to pump his muscles to look like Arnold or The Rock, but he just wants to get right on his body figure too.

This principle of Nat makes him look fabulous in any outfit he wears and even more amazing when he takes off his shirt.

Nat Wolff has already had more than three girlfriends

Reportedly, Nat has gone out with three girls in the past. It’s not much of a surprise for the kinds of Nat, he could get anyone easily.

From 2009 to 2011, Nat supposedly dated actress Miranda Cosgrove. However, neither of them officially confirmed the news.

After Miranda, he moved on with Margaret Qualley in the same year. He met her on the set of his movie Palo Alto. The relationship lasted for the next three years.

Nat and Margaret❤️

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In early 2015, he was all around in the gossips for being seen with supermodel Suki Waterhouse. The actor has also been rumored to be dating celebrities like Rebecca Black and Emma Roberts.

On top of that, in October 2015, he was reportedly dating Ashley Benson. If it’s true, how long are they going to be together?

You could see how he easily moves on from one relationship to another. Perhaps, one of the reasons for this is Nat Wolff’s amazing shirtless appearances, which, in no time, attracts every girl.