Sons of Anarchy graced our screens from 2008 to 2014, airing for a total of 7 seasons and 92 episodes as the top-rated show on FX.

A still of the cast in Sons of Anarchy. The characters are wearing biker cuts

With an amazing cast and a complex storyline involving brotherhood, loyalty and redemption, fans were like “what’s next?” each time they tuned in. It’s been more than 4 years since the show ended.

So, let’s check out how well you remember Sons of Anarchy. Play the quiz till the end for answers and a surprise!

1. Once, almost all members of SAMCRO served a prison sentence. How long were they in the prison?

a. 12 Months

b. 14 Months 

c. 16 Months

d. 18 Months

Members of SAMCRO in a prison, they are wearing orange jumpsuits

2. Who Supplies Guns For SAMCRO?

a. Triads

b. Mafia

c. I.R.A. 

d. The Cartel

Jax and Kozik, discuss a gunfight strategy, both are holding powerful rifles

3. In which season of Sons of Anarchy did Stephen King have a cameo?

a. Season 2

b. Season 3

c. Season 4

d. Season 5

4. Who was the first prospect of SAMCRO featured in the show?

a. Happy Lowman

b. Eric Miles

c. Edward Kip Epps

d. Taddarius Orwell

Club members are absorbed in deep discussion in this still

5. What is the name of the garage belonging to the club?

a. Redwood Garage

b. SAMCRO Automotive

c. Charming Garage

d. Teller-Morrow Automotive

A picture of the garage set. The name Teller Morrow is made with red signs

Correct Answers

1. Option b (14 months)

Jax and five of his SAMCRO brothers served a light prison sentence of 14 months between S03 and S04 after making a deal with agent June Stahl.

2. Option c (I.R.A)

The Irish Republican Army regularly supplies advanced weapons to SAMCRO, who in turn distributes this weapon throughout Charming. 

3. Option b (Season 3)

In S03E03, Stephen King makes a cameo as Bachman, a ‘cleaner’ who helps dispose the body of Gemma’s father’s live-in caretaker. 

4. Option c (Edward Kip Epps)

In S01E01, we are introduced to SAMCRO prospect Edward Kip “Half Sack” Epps. As a prospect, he is assigned the menial tasks around the club.

5. Option d (Teller-Morrow Automotice)

The Teller-Morrow automotive repair garage was founded by John Teller and Clay Morrow, it serves as a front for the motorcycle club and is run by Gemma.

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