An actress, model and singer from South Korea, Hong Soo-hyun is an impeccable combination of talents and beauty. Adding to her charm, the well-maintained figure has become an important asset of this personality.

Enthusiasm to stay active has become a driving force that has helped Hong Soo-hyun in achieving a slim body shape. Her flat toned abs and slender limbs have been envied by many, including celebrities.

Fans of Hong Soo-hyun can be often seen curious to know about the secrets that lie behind her flawless figure but Soo-hyun has not shared any information. She has not even shared her body measurements till date. However, it is expected that her body measurements lie somewhere near 35-23-34 inches.

Hong Soo-hyun’s metabolism probably plays a vital role in maintaining her shape. She has good metabolism even at the age of 35 and this has helped her in limiting her body weight to just 47 kg. She is nearly 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

It is believed that Soo-hyun takes special care of her diet and workout in order to sustain her desired figure. Although Soo-hyun is yet to confirm any information, it is suspected that her diet basically focuses on protein-rich foods. She might also be avoiding processed foods. In addition to a healthy eating habit, regular exercises have helped her to stay fit. Seemingly, she is a gym lover and does various cardio-exercises to keep her body slim and healthy.

Blessed with an attractive figure from a young age, Soo-hyun got opportunities to prove her potential in modeling industry while she was still studying at the high school. Later, she also won Johnson & Johnson modeling contest.

Hong Soo-hyun is one of the prominent names of South Korean entertainment fraternity who is widely appraised for her gorgeous appearance and well-maintained body measurements. Beautiful by nature, Hong Soo-hyun kissed the stardom after portraying the character of Hong Joo-ri in the TV drama series Delicious Proposal.

After receiving a wide appraisal for delivering spectacular performance in Delicious Proposal, Soo-hyun continued to impress more audiences by appearing on other TV series like Drama City, Only You, Dae Joyeong, Temptation of an Angel and Lie to Me. Her most loved on-screen performance came in 2011 when she played the role of Princess Kyunghye in the drama sitcom The Princess’ Man.

Majorly a television actress, Soo-hyun has also worked with a few movies. Making her debut film appearance in 2000 through Summer Story, the actress has been a part of some renowned movies like Bungee Jumping of Their Own, Fate Rough Cut, Insadong Scandal, and Camellia.

Still an active part of the Korean entertainment world, Hong Soo-hyun has amazed her fans by maintaining an alluring figure despite her busy working schedule. Seemingly, a passive user of social media sites like Twitter, Soo-hyun prefers spending her leisure getting involved in activities beneficial for her health and figure.