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What is Holmes on Homes star Mike Holmes doing now? New Show Coming Soon?

Mike Holmes and his love of life Anna Zappia

Mike Holmes became famous after he hosted 80 episodes of Holmes on Homes, which aired on HGTV. He is still a big deal in Canada but he wasn’t able to make that happen in the States as he couldn’t keep up with American makeover TV shows. Anyway, what is Canada's favorite handyman doing nowadays? Let’s get right into it. 

A New Show is in the Process!

Contractor Mike Holmes on construction work

Mike has been getting a lot of calls from celebrities these days. One of them is Carmen Electra who wanted to get her house fixed. The calls sparked a new idea, creating a new show about fixing abodes of celebrities. The idea hasn’t yet been materialized but it is in the process. 

Mike Holmes' HGTV shows chronicles his contracting skills & experiences

Canadian Hero 

Mike Holmes, extraordinary craftsman of Canada

Mike is quite famous and appreciated in Canada more so than he is in the US. He was rewarded by the Canadian House of Commons for his mastery in building and construction and was honored with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award. On February 21, 2008, the prestigious British Columbia Institute of Technology awarded him with an Honorary Doctorate of Technology. 

Mike Holmes Jr. to Handle His Father's Business

Mike Holmes's son Mike Holmes Jr.

Mike is a father of two daughters and a son. His son Mike Holmes Jr. aka MJ has been quite famous among fans by making occasional appearances in the show. MJ said to Ottawa Citizen newspaper,

Someone’s got to take over the company one day, and I figure who better than his son. We share the same blood, the same passion. Who better to carry on the legacy?

Mike Holmes marriage fell apart during 1990s recession

Success of HGTV's Holmes on Home Followed by Spinoffs 

Mike Holmes is checking the wall plank

After HGTV’s Holmes on Homes ended in 2008, Mike has been busy starring in spin-off shows, including Holmes Inspection (2009-2012), Holmes Makes it Right (2013-2014), Holmes: Buy it Right (2016) and Holmes & Holmes (2017) have been created. That’s a lot of Holmes for TV. 

Contractor Mike Holmes followed his father's footsteps at an early age

Enough Time for Family

Mike Holmes pouring ketch-up on food while his grandchildren are smiling

Mike has been into home building since he was six years old, and he is still doing it at 54. He is an extremely busy man and loves working, who has an aim of accomplishing everything before 60 but one moment changed Mike’s perspective toward his life. He told Strombo,

I'm at my daughter's house the other day and I'm looking at my grandkids. I haven't seen them in so long. I was there about an hour and a half. And I realized, I gotta go, I gotta go. After I left I thought, 'Why did I have to leave?' Why am I always running? Why am I not seizing the moment? It kind of clicked in my head after that, 'I think I'm moving too fast. Things are going by very quickly,

Mike is now attempting to embrace a new pace and outlook on life. Further, he continued,

I'm trying to tell myself, 'Slow down. Smell the roses. Enjoy the people around.' And if anything, smile.

Talk about retirement plan!

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Name Mike Holmes
Birthday August 03, 1963
Age 57 Years Old
Wife Alexandra Lorex (divorced)
Girlfriend Anna Zappia
Children Sherry, Amanda and Mike Holmes Jr.
Best Known For Holmes on Homes
Net Worth (USD) $ 30,000,000 - Thirty Million US Dollars