Hilary Farr makes a good cash flow with her very impressive designs and has collected a huge net worth of 7 million dollars so far. It seems that she has spent some of her earnings to enhance her beauty going through a facelift surgery. Hilary looks quite different from her early day’s pictures which make us think that has she gone opted for the plastic surgery to get such a sparkling face.

Hilary Farr’s first choice was an acting instead of interior designing

Farr has made her name popular all over the world with her heart touching interior designs. In her working time as an interior designer, she has revamped house for few renowned celebrities like Jenna Elfman and Jennifer Hudson.

Other than designing, she also co-hosts the popular Canadian TV show called Love It or List It. Likewise, she also holds responsibility as President of Hilary Farr’s Design.

Check out the picture withDavid Visentin,the co-host of the show Love It or List It.

Outstanding designs of Hilary has helped her grab notable amount of net worth. However, being an interior designer wasn’t her first choice. She always wanted to become an actress but unfortunately she was not able to get any breakthrough in the movie world, thus, later she landed to be a home designer.

Till now, Hilary has designed properties all over the world and her work highlighted her to this stage.

Nevertheless, after becoming a celebrity designer, she seems to have fulfilled her dream of seeing herself on the big screen. Till date, she has made short appearances in the several movies like Layout for 5 Models, Legend of the Werewolf, City on Fire, The Return etc.

Two years back in 2014, she appeared in the morning show YouandMeThisMorning where she spoke about appearing on the cover of the latest Art Van Furniture catalog and takes the ‘Love It or List It’s challenge! Have a look at the video.

Hilary Farr has spent some of her earning to make her face glow and beautiful

Farr is in her 60s but she looks very young to her age. The charm she carries on her face even at such an age has made others believe that she has undergone plastic surgery.

She seems to have approached a facelift surgery to look so young and beautiful. Another distinct change we observe in her face is her nose. There seems a vast difference in her nose, before and after becoming a prominent personality; the nose she has after surgery looks like slender than before.

Another medical help she seems to have taken is Botox injections. Her cheeks resemble an aftereffect of Botox infusion. And with going through all those surgery jobs, at last, she has earned glowing skin and face which makes her face look artificial after all.

Hilary has picked up fame by her bewildering designs because of which she has been able to collect a colossal net worth amount of $7 million. Hilary Farr has bestowed some of her net worth to get some plastic surgeries on her face to fit her appearance for the television screen.