Helen Labdon is the wife of actor Greg Kinnear. Greg and Helen have three children. Their married life is soon to reach its second decade. Read on to know more about Helen Labdon.

Helen Labdon chose a career in writing after few years in glam modeling

Helen Labdon was born on 6 September 1969 in Bracknell, UK. She was a model, but she gave up modeling and switched to a career in writing. Labdon started modeling at the age of nineteen, her debut shoot was for Praline Magazine in 1989.  In her career, she has also tried nude modeling.

Helen Labdon as a cover girl for Mayfair magazine during her modeling career, she is looking hot in the red lace bikini outfit.

The reasons of Helen turning away from modeling remains unknown. One of the speculations was Helen’s marriage with Greg Kinnear.  Labdon has been writing for different magazine stories as of now. More than her career works, she has gained popularity as Greg Kinnear’s wife.

Helen Labdon’s husband, Greg Kinnear, was her boyfriend of five years 

Labdon and Kinnear first met as colleagues. Helen was serving as an executive assistant in one of Greg’s movies. They got to know each other more from their workplace and eventually fell in love in the year 1994. Greg considers the year lucky as it was his debut year in acting and the year he met Helen.

Their love was officially labeled with marriage on on May 1, 1999, after five years of dating. The wedding ceremony took place among close friends and family. Helen was pregnant with her first child in the year 2001, but she ended up delivering a still infant. 

Helen Labdon standing close to husband Greg Kinnear, they live a happy married life since 1999.

Along with Helen’s miscarriage news, there were rumors about Helen’s divorce with Greg. But the gossip couldn’t sustain outside the tabloids.

Helen is now a mother of three. She gave birth to her first daughter, Lily Kathryn, in September 2003. Her second daughter, Audrey Mae, was born in June 2006 and the youngest one is Kate Grace was born in 2009.

As she is a working mother, she stated that she craves for holidays and outings with her family. She is a family person and her husband has been praising her as his constant support time and again in different interviews.