Hayley Atwell is single and has not been married till now but she has had a string of failed relationships with some famous celebrities. Could it be the result of her feeling genderless? 

Hayley Atwell met writer Gabriel Bisset-Smith in college

Hayley Atwell studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for three years. It was there she met Gabriel Bisset-Smith, a TV writer from London. She began a relationship with Gabriel, who was her friend for seven long years after graduation.  Their relationship, however, lasted less than a year. 

Hayley Atwell hugs Gabriel Bisset Smith while he holds her with one hand

In 2012, Hayley was in a relationship with boyfriend Paul Wilson. He is a Scottish bassist for the famous band Snow Patrol. The couple dated for a year but split due to some complications. 

Hayley Atwell’s last boyfriend is 9 years younger

In 2014, she started dating Evan Jones. Hayley seemed to be deeply in love with her model/musician beau, who is 9 years junior to her. They were seen together in many events like the Hunger Magazine cover party in February 2014 and the 2014 Laurence Oliver Awards.

Hayley Atwell hugs Evan Jones with one hand while holding a redbull and Evans is holding Hayley with one hand while holding a redbull in another.

Although it looked like they had it all on the outside, they had their personal complications which led to their break up in 2015. The news of their separation was hidden for some time but Atwell later informed everyone through Twitter and Instagram.

Hayley Atwell has earned a huge net worth from her role as Agent Carter in various Marvel movies and TV shows

She was rumored to be dating actor Stephen Merchant in 2013. The rumor also claimed that they were in a car accident together which is fortunately not true. 

Hayley Atwell and Stephen Merchant walk together as they laugh. Merchant has his hands inside his pocket while Hayley has them together infront of her.

Stephen and Hayley were hanging out at the Groucho nightclub and were exiting out of the place when they were photographed with each other. The next day, rumors of them dating and being in a car crash had taken the news by storm. 

Hayley Atwell said she feels genderless during an interview

During an interview with EveningStandard in July 2015, Hayley made a shocking statement. She said, “I’ve always felt quite genderless. Which is odd, because I have big b**bs.”

Hayley Atwell posing in a black dress with her hands on her shoulders

She further explained how she used to wrestle with boys when she was in school and that she was called Hulk Hayley back then. She even described herself as a tomboy in one of her tweets in 2015, which has now been deleted.

Her statements and unstable love affairs have led fans to assume that Hayley is lesbian. However, there hasn’t been such evidence to support the idea.

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