Many wondering what happened to Greta Van Susteren’s face think it’s the result of plastic surgery. However, that’s not the whole truth.

The American commentator and former Fox News looks pretty different in her before-after photos and reportedly, she has revealed that she got surgery on her face. But that’s not why her mouth looks so stiff.

What is Wrong with Greta Van Susteren’s Mouth?

Susteren suffers from Bell’s Palsy. This disorder causes one side of the face to be paralyzed and that’s why Susteren’s mouth droops on one side.

Rumor has it that Susteren underwent facelift surgery when she joined Fox News and many believe that it’s the reason behind her appearance.

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Is There Any Truth to Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Greta Van Susteren's face before and after plastic surgery

Susteren’s stiff mouth led several people to believe that she had some work done on her face to battle the signs of aging. However, the revelation of her disorder has silenced those claims.

On the other hand, some insist that Susteren indeed went under the knife. She allegedly confirmed that she got an eyelift surgery around 2002.

Besides eye lift surgery, she is also rumored to have taken the help of botox to keep her glowing face from sagging.

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