Many were wondering what happened to the face of Greta Van Susteren. Also, many think it’s the result of plastic surgery. However, that’s not the whole truth.

The American commentator and former Fox News look pretty different in her before-after photos. And reportedly, she has revealed that she got surgery on her face. But that’s not why her mouth looks so stiff. Find out why in the article down below.

What is Wrong with Greta Van Susteren’s Mouth?

Greta Van Susteren suffers from Bell’s Palsy. One side of her face was paralyzed because of the disorder. And that’s why Susteren’s mouth droops on one side.

Susteren was smiling at the camera.

Rumor has it that Susteren underwent facelift surgery when she joined Fox News, and many believe that it’s the reason behind her appearance.

Is There Any Truth to Greta’s Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Susteren’s stiff mouth led several people to believe that she had some work done on her face to battle the signs of aging. However, the revelation of her disorder has silenced those claims. Greta Van Susteren suffers from a condition resulting in half of her face is paralyzed.

Greta Van Susteren's face before and after plastic surgery
Before and after plastic surgery pictures of Susteren.

On the other hand, some insist that Susteren indeed went under the knife. She allegedly confirmed that she got eyelift surgery around 2002.

Did Bianna Golodryga lean on plastic surgery for a younger look?

Besides eye lift surgery, she also took the help of botox to keep her glowing face from sagging, according to the rumors.

How much does Susteren hold as her net worth?

Greta Van Susteren, the former Fox News journalist, holds an approximated net worth of $35 million. Moreover, the American commentator managed to earn her keeps through her career as a legal analyst. Similarly, Susteren started her career back in 1994.

Greta Van Susteren with the Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dan Rather. Source: Instagram

What’s more, that talented journalist garnered immense fame covering the O. J. Simpson Murder Trial. Afterward, she started appearing working for CNN and co-hosted Burden of Proof and The Point. Moreover, Greta made around $100k annually during her time on CNN.

Susteren later joined Fox News. Furthermore, she stayed with the network for over a decade. Likewise, the reporter then joined NBC in 2017. But, by June of 2017, she left the news channel. Currently, the former Fox reporter works with Gray Television and earns around $900 thousand per year.