Former MMA star, Gina Carano is a beautiful and elegant lady, who has the perfect body measurement. She possesses a muscular yet hot figure, which can be credited to her intense workouts and healthy eating habits.

Generally, when we talk about fighter girls, the images that come to mind are of those rough and tough savage hearten females, but Gina has successfully changed the definition of female fighters. She is one of the lovable women from the martial arts background.

Gina Carano possesses hot body measurements

Currently, the 35-year-old actress has envied many younger woman with her athletic figure. Her body shape comes under inverted triangle, which features her wide shoulders, large breasts, flat belly and relatively narrow hips.

Gina Carano helds her one leg up and bends it from the knee showing some of her martial art skills.

Carano owns perfect body measurements of 38-28-37 inches, which is complemented by her height of 5 feet 8 inches.  She has been endorsing Under Armor, the clothing company which produces footwear, sports wear and casual wear.

Former MMA star Gina Carano has graced the covers of ESPN and Maxim

Gina has been ranked among the top hottest girls in MMA. It’s not only by gods’ grace, she works very hard to maintain her body. During her MMA phase, she used to have a strict exercise of four hours every day with her gym instructor, Greg Jackson. Later, after leaving MMA, she started performing light exercise and yoga. Now, she regularly does outdoor exercises like running and hiking. 

There is big helping hand of Kevin Ross, a pro-Muay Thai fighter, in gifting a true gem like Gina Carano to the fighting business. When Gina and Kevin were dating, she discovered her interest in sports. Gina started as a Muay fighter and made her pro-MMA debut in 2006.  Her record in MMA is 7 wins and 1 lose. She competed at Strikeforce and EliteXC.

Gina Carano was featured in ESPN The Magazine's The Body issue in 2009

Carano went topless (with strategically placed arms) while appearing on the cover of ESPN The Magazine‘s ‘The Body’ issue in 2009. In May 2009, she was ranked No. 16 on Maxim’s list of ‘Hot 100’ and was voted ‘Hottest Woman in America’ by Big Biz Magazine in Spring 2008 issue. Yahoo! ranked her #8 on the list of ‘Top 10 Influential woman of 2008.’ 

Gina Carano’s breast implants rumors and weight gain for a film role

Gina has been rumored to have undergone breast implants. But she hasn’t commented on the rumors. However, changes can be evidenced from her before and after photos. Her breasts were seen relatively big at the time when she left her MMA career than she had during her starting days. 

There are assumptions that Gina Carona left her MMA due to the breast implantation, as athletes with heavy sized breasts have trouble inside the ring.

Gina Carano is wearing her a fighting costume, she is captured while she hides to rest.

Apart from being a fighter, she has also showcased her triumph as an actress on television as well as the big screen. Gina gained some weight for the movie, Deadpool (2016), as her character demanded a thick woman. Some of her successful movies are Fast and Furious 6, Deadpool, Haywire, and Extraction.