Updated: 02/25/2017 06:48 PM | First Published: 08/16/2016 01:18 PM

Genevieve Gorder is getting cozy with Anthony Carrion following divorce with husband Tylor Harcott! Are they getting married?

Genevieve Gorder was previously married to TV host Tylor Harcott. She was rumored to be dating Anthony Carrion following the divorce with her husband.

Genevieve has 8 years old daughter from ex-husband Tyler Harcott

Prominent television host and interior designer, Gorder was married to Tylor Harcott who is also a TV host. They met in 2003 on the set of 'A Dating Story'. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Bebelle Harcott, in 2008.

After dating for three years, they got married in 2006, but they started to have issues in their marriage and decided to get a divorce. The exact reason behind their divorce is not known as they chose to be silent on this topic.

Following their divorce, Gorder was seen being cozy with the host of 'Kitchen Cousins', Anthony Carrion, in 2013. In 2012, they were photographed together at the Auto Portrait Solo Exhibition.

The news was unknown until 2015 when a popular magazine revealed the secret of their relationship in August 2015.

It's not sure if Gorder is still dating Anthony as they haven't been seen together recently.

Stunning host, Gorder is sharing strong connection with beau Anthony

Genevieve is one gorgeous and an immensely talented lady. It would have been a shock if such a successful lady was single because her stunning figure and attractive presence on television have wowed everyone, and people around her easily get tamed by her beauty and friendliness.

She previously collaborated with her ex-husband, Tylor Harcott, for a show and it seemed like their marriage was doing okay but a bitter divorce shattered their beautiful family. Gorder got the custody of her five-year-old daughter and now they live together in Manhattan.

Genevieve has not yet decided to share wedding vows with Anthony

Even after 15 years long career in television, Genevieve looks as if she forgot to age. She is careful on what she wears, how she presents herself and tries to bring creativity in her work. She is a single mom, a passionate girlfriend, and a television star.

Gorder doesn't let her personal matter affect her professional life. Genevieve Gorder moved on with Anthony Carrion after her divorce with now ex-husband, Tylor Harcott, but she is not married to Carrion yet.