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Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe's weight loss transformation: Then vs. Now

Gabourey Sidibe is best known for the titular role in her debut film, Precious. Once a bulky actress, Gabourey has now transformed herself into an incredibly new person. She went through a weight-loss surgery last year and has been quite open when it comes to her experience. Read on to learn about her weight-loss experience!

Gabourey Sidibe’s dramatic weight loss after the surgery

Gabourey Sidibe struggled with weight issues since she was six years of age. She was also the victim of depression, bulimia and anxiety before making her breakthrough into the Hollywood. Gabourey has opened up about her struggles as a plus-sized actress in the Hollywood and her experience of the weight-loss surgery in her memoir, This is Just My Face: Try Not to Share

Gabourey Sidibe is in the gym working out. She is wearing a grey gym pants and a grey hoodie. She's wearing boxing globes in both of her hand. She is looking up with her eyes closed. She has raised her left arms to expose the boxing gloves even better.

Undoubtedly, surgery was not a simple decision to make for Gabourey, and she did not jump straight to the conclusion. For more than a decade, she had tried natural procedures to lose her weight. But, after getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Gabourey decided to undergo laparoscopic bariatric surgery secretly in May of 2016. As an aftermath of the surgery, she lost a significant amount of weight. 

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Since the surgery, Gabourey has tried her best to change her eating habits and consult with her nutritionist every once in a while. With that, she has raised the bar of her fitness schedule. From working out with a trainer to swimming and riding a tricycle, she is trying to stay as active as she possibly can, and continue shedding her body.

Gabourey Sidibe is impressively carrying her post-surgery body

After the surgery, the Precious star, has not been hesitant to show off her amazing body transformation. She has been flooding her Instagram with incredible weight loss pictures to show how far she’s come now.

Gabourey Sidibe appears on a television show. She looks stunning in her black and white one piece. Her curly hair matches her personality perfectly. She looks like dancing as she has both her hands in the air.

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Gabourey also made few appearance in the award ceremonies after the surgery. While appearing on the award shows, she does not hesitate to exhibit her body with a noticeable weight loss. As one of the few over-sized woman in the Hollywood, Gabourey has been an inspiration to many. Her incredible transformation is looked upon by millions of fans as a result of hard work and determination.

Gabourey Sidibe to get her tonsil removed in 2018

After her weight loss surgery in 2016, Gabourey Sidibe has now decided to get tonsillectomy in 2018. The 34-year-old actress made the announcement regarding the tonsil surgery through a Twitter post on January 13, 2018.

Gabourey Sidibe tweets about having tonsillectomy surgery in 2018. The tweet was posted on January 13, 2018 at 12:04 pm.

She also went on to say that she would take the whole year off to rest away from her huge decision and enjoy some time in privacy. Apparently, she seemed to be joking about her statement on taking a year off but most of her followers did not seem to get hold of it. Her comments section quickly flooded with speedy recovery messages while some even went on to say that they would miss seeing Gabourey on the television series, Empire.


Gabourey Sidibe is thinner than ever but she hates the congratulators and says to them ‘Mind Your Own Body.’

The actress catapulted from college plays to the big screen when she was offered to star in the 2009 movie, Precious.

Since then, she has had a vibrant career appearing in shows like Difficult People and American Horror Story.

She has been a great role model for plus-sized women, with a steamy love scene on the hit show Empire.

She’s confident in herself and is comfortable in her complexion and body but it took a long time for her to get there.

“It has taken me years to realize that what I was born with is all beautiful.”

Now she says, “I was at a war with my body…..But I love my body now. There’s nothing ugly about me.”

In 2016, she underwent weight-loss surgery and has been candid about her experience.

She has opened up about her weight loss struggles in her memoir, This is Just My Face: Try Not to Share, which was released in May 2017.

She revealed in an interview that her father, Ibnou Sidibe beat her and called her ‘fatso’ when she was young.

Her weight has been an issue since she was 6 and she was bullied throughout her school days.

After her parents divorced, she battled depression, bulimia and anxiety, which she overcame through therapy.

She told Andy Cohen in a 2016 interview that her rough childhood prepared her for her life now.

She decided to get laparoscopic bariatric surgery after she and her older brother Ahmed were diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes.

She tried to lose weight naturally for more than a decade before opting for the procedure.

In 2016, she secretly went under the knife.

Since the procedure, Sidibe has changed her eating habits, working with a nutritionist.

She has also upped her fitness regimen, working out with a trainer, swimming and riding a tricycle.

A year after her procedure, the actress continues to lose weight.

Name Gabourey Sidibe
Profession Actor
Gender Female
Birthday May 06, 1983
Age 37 Years Old
Star Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Height 5'4"
Net Worth (USD) $ 6,000,000 - Six Million US Dollars