Fred Gwynne came to fame as an actor from the early 1990s. The late actor appeared in many movies and TV shows. Likewise, he gained his big break in 1961’s Car 54, Where Are You?

Gwynne married twice in his life. Know all about his personal life down below. Let’s start with Fred’s marriages.

Fred Gwynne Married Twice in his Life

Fred Gwynne married Jean Reynard, a Socialite, in 1952. Besides, Jean was the granddaughter of New York City mayor William Jay Gaynor.

Fred Gwynne and his first wife on their wedding
Fred Gwynne and his first wife, Jean Reynard, at their wedding. Source: Pinterest

Gwynne and Reynard welcomed five children: Three sons named Evan, Dylan, and Keiron, and two daughters named Madelyn and Gaynor.

Sadly, Dylan died in a drowning accident as a child in 1963. Similarly, Fred’s daughter, Keiron, was born with developmental disabilities. The couple divorced in 1980. Then, he married Deborah Flater in 1988. But, Gwynne and Flater kept their marriage away from the limelight.

Fred Gwynne’s early life

Fred Gwynne, born Frederick Hubbard Gwynne, was a theater and television actor. His phenomenal work has carved his name as a great actor in the history of this profession.

Fred Gwynne smiling at the camera
Fred Gwynne was smiling at the camera. Source: IMDb

Fans remember Fred for some of his majestic work in Car 54, The Munsters, Where Are You?, The Cotton Club, My Cousin Vinny and the list goes on.

On July 10, 1926, Gwynne was born to Frederick Walker Gwynne and Dorothy Ficken. His father was a stockbroker by profession, and his mother was a cartoonist.

Born in New York, he was raised in South Carolina, Florida, as his father traveled a lot. His family was happy and wealthy, but in 1932, it all changed after the death of Fred’s father due to routine surgery complications.

Height and Feature of Fred

Fred had a deep, commanding voice which helped him in his career. He had a tall height of 6 feet and 4 inches and a slender frame. His physical features also credit his impressive appearance as the Frankenstein in The Munsters.

The actor Died due to a Pancreatic Cancer

After forty years of contribution to the industry, Gwynne gave himself a break and purchased a farm in Maryland with his wife, Deborah. He died at the age of 66 on July 2, 1993, due to pancreatic cancer at Taneytown, Maryland, U.S.

Fred Gwynne’s education and career beginnings

Fred Gwynne went to Gorton School. Besides, Gwynne graduated from Harvard University in 1951. He was a member of the Harvard a cappella group, the Krokodiloes.

Fred Gwynne was having beer at a diner
Fred Gwynne was having a beer at a diner. Source: Facebook

After high school, he served on a sub-chaser during World War II. His passion for becoming an actor-led him to join The Brattle Theatre Repertory Company in Massachusetts. He came to the world of entertainment in 1951 and left the film industry in 1992.

He started with a Broadway role as a gangster in a comedy flick called Mrs. McThing. His cinematic appearance was with an uncredited role in the Oscar-winning movie On The Waterfront. In 1955, Gwynne had a memorable appearance as Private Ed Honnergar on The Phil Silvers Show.

Fred Gwynne’s paintings are equally famous and so are his books

Fred Gwynne showcased his brilliant acting skills in Car 54, Where Are You? And The Munsters. Then, his appearance reduced as he was unable to gain new roles.

In 1969, Gwynne again played in the Broadway theater. He also tried his hands in singing. Fred sang a song for The Little Angel (1969). In 1974, he appeared in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Our Town in 1975, and both were Broadway theaters. In 1987, Fred starred in Jake’s M.O. as an investigative reporter. His last and memorial role was in the 1992 comedy film My Cousin Vinny, in which he played Judge Chamberlain Haller.

The multitalented actor also gained popularity as a writer of children’s books. Some of his glorious attempts were It’s Easy To See Why The King Who Rained, A Chocolate Moose For Dinner, The Battle Of The Frog And Mice, Pondlarker, Best In Show, and A Little Pigeon Toad.

Fred’s talent doesn’t end here. He was also a fine painter. His paintings live now in the auction. Furthermore, his forty-year career has earned him a net worth of $2 million, including his earnings from acting, writing, and of course, his paintings. His interview is available on YouTube in which he’s getting praised for his role as Frankenstein.

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