Trisha Paytas has a natural large-sized body and her measurements make her look erotic, especially in bikinis. Her on and off boyfriend, Sean Van der Wilt, would definitely miss Trisha’s body if they break up. Perhaps, Trisha’s figure is what makes him go to her again and again.

Trisha Paytas is plus-sized internet model who used to be a stripper

Trisha Paytas was a stripper in her past before she became an internet personality. Trisha worked in various bars and night clubs.

People must have enjoyed her show: ripping off her clothes to show off that amazing body. Anyway, she is now out of that world and is an internet sensation.

While many internet models have size 2 figure, Trisha is the exception. She seems relatively fat, yet a lot sexier than anyone. Trisha stands 5’3” tall and weighs 86 kilos. This height and weight measurement gives her a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 33.

To be truthful, this score could be associated with the problem of obesity. However, Trisha’s well-toned and tight muscles make her look very attractive.

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Trisha has a body measurement of 37-31-37 inches. This would obviously be too large for a fashion industry model, but we have seen larger internet models in the past.

Still, they top the hottest models lists. Anyway, this measurement gives Trisha a great curve on her waist level. That’s what everyone likes, isn’t it?

Trisha wears a bra of size of 34C. Her breasts and cleavage look attractive in a bikini. Besides, she wears a dress size of 12 and a shoe size of 7 in the US.

Comparatively short Trisha doesn’t boast long legs or high cheekbones, but she definitely possesses a mesmerising elegance. Though she calls herself a large-sized model, Trisha has recently been dieting and engaged in workouts in order to maintain her body.

Trisha Paytas’s boyfriend Sean Van Der Wilt is a singer and a actor

Talking about Trish’s boyfriend, the couple Trisha and Sean Van Der Wilt started dating past 2015.

Sean Van Der Wilt is a singer or an entertainer by profession and is recognised for his debut single S.W.C ft. Mark Cole. Besides singing, Sean has appeared in numerous movies such as Step Up 3D, Bring it On All or Nothing and The Producers. He has also worked with famous artists such Rihanna and Michael Jackson.

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in New Jersey, Sean was a talented gymnast when he was a child. Now, he is doing various things including acting, singing and songwriting.

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While the Sean and Trisha’s love affair has been ‘on and off’ type of relationship, people are definitely taking a peek at Trisha Paytas’s amazing body.