Farmtruck & AZN have unveiled their new car, Gonorail, for Motor Mega Week.

The car has the chassis of Trailblazer SS and the body of Oklahoma State Fair monorail.

The beast is the result of collaboration between FNA and the Mad Scientist.

The front of the vehicle resembles a fighter jet, and its door has been modified from sliding to falcon style, like a Tesla Model X.

The tire rims were supplied by a local distribution company, MHT Wheels.

It has a power steering which helps in turns and curves which as AZN thinks is not going to be very smooth.

The methanol powered car is pretty lightweight compared to its size and weighs about just 4000 pounds.

It has a precharged 376CI L52 engine with the torque of 700 N.m.

It took them over two months to build the 700 horsepower Gonorail from scratch.

Farmtruck and AZN are known to pack a punch in unsuspecting vehicles, and this one is sure to blow everyone’s minds.