Ana Kasparian and boyfriend Christian Lopez have been in a relationship with each other for a long time now. The so in love couple were so eager to be with each other that they secretly got hitched in November 2015. Their secret wedding was conducted in the Bravery Hills area.

Ana Kasparian and Christian Lopez married each other earlier than their marriage was scheduled

Revealing the secret about their marriage Ana said that while they were in post engagement business trip, both Ana and her companion Christian were so excited about the prospect of getting married that none of them wanted to wait until 2016 to get hitched.

Subsequently, the duo got carried away and the excitement of stealing downs as a husband and wife attracted them too much that they decided to get married secretly, before their original marriage. Then on a Sunday afternoon of November 2015, the two love birds were announced husband and wife in a church on Bravery Hills, in the attendance of some close friends.

The wedding ceremony was architected in such a way that even the families of both Ana and Christian were unknown about the fact that the two were already married. Their official wedding, however, is scheduled in late 2016, and both of them seem equally excited for their second wedding as well.

The duo’s are living a stable personal life with equally stable professional life

The duo has not only found a stable relationship but is extremely successful in their respective professions as well. Kasparian is a political pundit and producer/co-host of The Young Turks whereas Lopez is a singer and a songwriter. Although belonging from different career backgrounds, they enjoy spending time with each other.

They are seen attending functions and programs together. And the best part about this romantic couple is that they are never afraid to speak about their relation in public.

Kasparian and Lopez are enjoying a blissful relation together. The two were engaged in 2015 and were scheduled to tie the knot in late 2016. However, the two love birds found waiting for a tough thing and hence they secretly got hitched in November 2015 before their grand wedding. Ana Kasparian, as well as Christian, is very excited for their upcoming grand day.