Evan Rachel Wood is an American actress. Furthermore, she is an actress who is blessed with a beautiful voice. The actress is also a singer who has provided her voice in different series types. One of the roles that bought her in glamorous life is “Queen Sophie- Anne” in True Blood.

Please read the entire article to learn more about Evan Rachel Wood’s Age, Biography, Parents, and Career. There is also information regarding her controversies,  Tv-Shows, Relationships, and Net Worth.

Family life of Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood was born to her mom and dad in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is the youngest princess of her parents, Sara Lynn Moore and Ira David Wood III. Moreover, Wood grew up with a sister Aden Wood and two brothers, Dana Wood and Thomas Wood.

Down in the valley actress Evan during her role. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, the Evan family has always been a part of the Hollywood industry. Ira is an actor, singer, director, and playwriter, whereas her mother is also an actress, director, and acting coach.

Both parents are directors in the industry, and the other is an acting couch. All the children alike are part of the Hollywood industry. Due to some misunderstanding, her parents divorced in 1996, then the actress and her mother shifted to her mother’s native, i.e., Los Angeles Country, California.

Evan completed her schooling at Cary Elementary School in North Carolina. Sadly the actress had to leave the school at the age of 12 as she was bullied in her homeschooling. Later, after three years, the actress completed her High school diploma with the help and guidance of her mother and siblings.

Is Evan Rachel Wood in a relationship or married?

Running with the Scissors star, Evan Wood married the love of her life Jamie Bell. In addition, her husband is also a part of the industry and is popularly known as Billy Elliot. However, her marriage with Bell did not last.

Evan Rachel Wood posting a picture of herself in a new hairstyle
Evan Rachel Wood posted a picture of herself in a new hairstyle. Source: Instagram

The couple welcomed a child in their married life. Moreover, Evan and her husband named their kid Jack Matfin Bell. Furthermore, the couple dated each other for five years and then tied the knots.

Due to the misunderstandings and conflicts during their wedding, the couple got separated permanently. However, the couple comes together to raise and fulfill their child’s needs. Additionally, Wook keeps her love life away from the public after her divorce. And so, currently, it remains undisclosed if Evan is dating a boyfriend or not.

The physical appearance of Wood

Practical Magic star Evan Wood likes to live in luxurious life. Furthermore, she confidently presents herself and her family in front of the media at all events and occasions. The actress Evan has friendly behavior and helps others to connect with her easily.

Evan Rachel Wood took a picture on the opening day of Frozen 2
Evan Rachel Wood took a picture on the opening day of Frozen 2. Source: Instagram

Wood has blue eyes and naturally brown hair, but she colored it blond. The Ides of March star tends to stick with her professional hair color and prevent using the color lens. However, she believes the person must have one identity that helps others identify her. The actress shares her happening and family photograph on social media accounts.

Furthermore, the American actress is 5 feet 6 inches, whereas her weight is 58 kgs. In addition, she has a huge fan following for her appearance and the motivational talks she shares through social media. She believes that girls are more powerful than men; however, they don’t know their strengths.


The American actress Evan accuses Marilyn Manson of making her drink blood. The American actress and other actresses supported the movement and the stand the actress took. The media had coved the news, and it was clarified. However, the authority discharged her claims after a long investigation.

Net Worth of Evan Rachel Wood

According to different online platforms, the thirteen stars, Evan earns about $8 million annually and $250 thousand per appearance in episodes. Furthermore, the actress owns a luxurious car and a property (Bangalore) where she lives with her family. On vacation, Evan shares her private free time with her family in different countries.

Evan Rachel Wood posted a picture promoting EVAN + ZANE a music band
Evan Rachel Wood posted a picture promoting EVAN + ZANE, a music band. Source: Instagram

10 Things I Hate About Life star began her career in a television series in 1994 after appearing in a television series “American Gothic.” Then the following years, she was a part of various television series in a supporting role. Wood had appeared in a supporting role of Jessie Sammler on the television series called “Once and Again.”

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In 2002 Wood got her first lead role in “Blair Treu’s Little Secrets.” Then the actress got the contract for numerous television series. In addition, the new projects helped her build her confidence and the courage to complete the challenges she faced in her new roles. The actress did not limit herself to a particular position, meaning she took part as a good lady, burial, vulgar lady, etc.

Music career

Evan started her music career in 2012 as she recorded for the “I’d Have YouAnytime.” Furthermore, the music was one of the remarkable parts of the Chimes of Freedom that helped the organization’s production. The American star is multitalented as she knows to lay multiple instruments and performed as an elec-pro duo.

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Frozen II Sing-Along star Evan gave her voice for the Frozen II soundtrack, a duet song where she shared her music performance with Idina Menzel. In addition, the soundtrack was easier to memorize and children-friendly, where children used to listen numerous times. No doubt the song was ranked number 70.

Some of the films and television series of Evan Rachel Wood are as follows

High Lonesome star Evan is set to attend the award ceremony. Source: Instagram
  • Thirteen
  • Barefoot
  • Kajillionaire
  • Frozen II Sing-Along
  • Across the Universe
  • Pretty Persuasion
  • Allure
  • Down in the valley
  • Running with the Scissors
  • Westworld
  • 10 I Hate About Life
  • High Lonesome
  • Death in Small Doses
  • Detour

Award and Achievements

According to IMBD, some of Evan’s achievements and nominations are as follows.

  • In 2018 the actress was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for “Dolores Abernathy.”
  • In 2017 Evan was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Television for Westworld.
  • In 2009 Evan won an award presented by the EDA Special Mention Award in the category of Most Egregious Age Difference Between the Leading Man and the Love Interest in Whatever Works.
  • Wood won the award for Special Mention in 2003 for Thirteen
  • Evan grabbed the audience’s attention as she won the Woman of the Year category in 2011.
  • The actress also won the award in 2006 for the category of Spotlight Award

Social media presence

Evan is active on all her social media accounts. Furthermore, the American actress uses social media more often to update her fans. Wood uses her social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The actress frequently uses Instagram accounts to communicate with her friends and families. However, Evan often shares her lifestyle and happy moments on social media platforms.

The American star has 1 million followers on her Instagram account with 1,090 posts. Among all her other social media accounts, the actress frequently shares the story and posts on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.