Daisy Kelliher is an American Television Personality. In addition, she is a famous Irish actress. She has appeared in numerous television shows. One of her popular television reality shows is Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Please read the entire article to learn more about Daisy Kelliher’s Age, Biography, Parents, and Career. There is also information regarding her controversies,  Tv-Shows, Relationships, and Net Worth.

Earlier and Family Life of Daisy Kelliher

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher was born on 28 May 1988 in Ireland. Furthermore, she believes in all the religions where she follows some festivals. From her birth, Daisy lies under the Gemini zodiac sign. In addition, she tends to check her horoscope once a month to predict how her month will be.

Daisy Kelliher spending time with her family.
Daisy Kelliher was spending time with her family. Source: Instagram

Daisy is only the child of her parents. Furthermore, she has the love and hope of her parents. Her parents are always interested in her growth and development for her vetter career. However, their name and personal information about Daisy are not public.

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Many of the audience have wondered about her talents from birth. Talking about her grandfather, who participated in Olympics for Ireland in back 1964. Furthermore, her aunty also took participation in Yachting. However, other information regarding her family is private.

Career of Daisy Kelliher

Daisy completed her schooling in her hometown. Furthermore, she loves to participate in extra activities. The television star was a sports star in her school days in her batch. As soon as she completed herself, she worked for two years in London.

Watch What Happens Life, and Andy Cohen star moved to France in search of new jobs. However, she got the job as a Yachtie. Daisy was at the age of 25 when she started sailing. Later Daisy performed in a reality show, i.e., Below Deck Sailing Yachtin March 2021.

Is Daisy Kelliher Single or in a relationship?

When the star was shooting with Gary King, there was a rumor that the couple was dating. In addition, the reports used to spot them together at many events. However, both Daisy and Gary rose to the media for the clarification of thier friendly relationship.

Daisy Kelliher with her Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast
Daisy Kelliher with her Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast. Source: Instagram

Presently, Daisy has shared numerous intimate photographs during her vacation, which have grabbed the audience’s attention. In addition, the American actress has shared a picture of voy called Lucas. However, there is no official delation and information of voy.

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Kelliher mentioned that she had not thought of making and committing to a relationship. Furthermore, Daisy said this due to her commitment to the projects and work.


The reality TV star Daisy has been a part of controversies about her relationship with a co-star, Gary King while shooting her reality show Below Deck Sailing Yacht. However, both the actor came in front of the media to clear about their friendship.

Moreover, from that day, Daisy has kept her life at a distance from the public. The actor has maintained her privacy through limitations in using social media.

Daisy performed great with her co-star Gary King in a reality show. The intimate and kissing scene between the costar made the audience feel that the couple is dating. And the clip had been a part of controversies for a month or so.

Physical Appearance

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht star likes to live in glamour life. Furthermore, she confidently presents herself in front of the media on all occasions. The actress Daisy has friendly and funny nature.

Daisy has blue-green eyes and brown hair. And she tends to change the highlight of her hair more often. The actress shares her blond photograph on social media accounts.

Furthermore, the American actress is 5 feet and 6 inches, whereas his weight is 52 kgs. In addition, she has a huge youth fan following from her appearance and bold pictures. However, she has taught her fans to tew what they want to become rather than thinking about the person and judgemental thoughts.

Other Interests about Daisy 

Besides being a television actress, she is equally talented in sports. In addition, she is interested in riding the vike. Daisy loves to explore new places. Furthermore, she plans a trip with friends and families.

Daisy is interested in making new friends. Therefore she is part of different social and development clubs. Furthermore, Daisy loves Horseriding, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Riding bicycles, etc.

According to the picture she has shared on her social media account. We can assume that she is a fun-loving person who loves to live her life fullest.

Net worth of Daisy Kelliher

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher has appeared in two seasons. Furthermore, she earns approximately $6,000 monthly from her episodes. She owns an estimated networth of $150k

Daisy Kelliher took a picture as she held a glass of drink. Source: Instagram

The primary source of Daisy’s Networth is her career. In addition, other information regarding her income has not been disclosed. But, given her IG following, she could earn thousands of dollars from brand promotions and other projects.

Daisy owns a luxurious car and often travels on vacation. From that, we can predict her networth. Furthermore, the television actor is living a happy and satisficing life.

Some of the appereance of Daisy

According to IMBD, the American reality star Daisy has appeared in three television reality shows. They are as follows:

  1. Below Deck Sailing Yacht is a television reality TV series released from 2021 to 2022.
  2. Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen, which is a television series. The reality TV star appeared as a guest from the years 2021 to 2022 for eight episodes.
  3. Daisy also appeared as a guest on The Morning Show, a television series. In addition, she appeared as a Chief Stew in a Below Deck Sailing Yacht Self in 2021.

Online Presence

Daisy is more active on her social media accounts. Furthermore, the television actress uses social media like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter. The actress frequently uses Snapchat and maintains streaks with her fried. However, she often shares her lifestyle, promotions and vacations.

The American star has 222k followers on her Instagram account with 709 posts. Among all her other social media accounts, the actress frequently shares the story and posts on her Instagram accounts. In addition, the young audience feels easier to connect with Daisy’s daily life and routine.

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