Evan Parke came to fame as an actor who started with All My Children, the TV series. After his debut, Parke played many roles on small and silver screens. What’s more, Evan attended an Ivy League college!

Despite his 20 long years in the industry, the Jamaican actor, Evan, remains rather elusive. Moreover, Parke keeps his personal life away from the limelight and his fans. Besides, here’s what we could dig up on the Good Sam Actor so far!

How old is Evan Parke? Age and Bio

As of 2022, Evan Parke turned fifty-four years old. Moreover, Parke was born on January 2nd, 1968. Furthermore, his parents gave birth to Evan in Kingston, Jamaica. However, the Good Sam actor holds an American nationality and comes from a black ethnic group. And as of 2022, Evan is currently fifty-four years old.

Evan Parke took a close-up picture
Evan Parke took a close-up picture. Source: Instagram

Evan likes to keep his past away from the spotlight, as we mentioned before. However, the name of his late mother is Vena Rebecca Parke. But, his dad remains hidden from the spotlight. And his parents named him Evan Dexter O’Neal Parke.

Parke did share his academics with the public. Interestingly, the talented actor and his family shifted from Kingston, Jamaica, to New York, USA. At first, Evan and his family lived in Brooklyn, but later they moved to Long Island. And in New York, the talented actor graduated from Cornell University, class of 1990.

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What’s more, Evan holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University. Likewise, he later gained MFA and MDIV from Yale University. And during his college days at Cornell, Parke was part of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Moreover, the 54-year-old Parke became a said fraternity member in 1989.

How tall is Evan from Good Sam?

Besides his good looks and talent as an actor, Good Sam stands at an impressive height. In fact, Parke stands at six feet and three inches. However, Parke keeps his weight hidden from the public.

How Rich is Evan Parke?

Evan Parke, the actor, amassed a massive fortune. And so, it suffices to say that Parke is a wealthy man. Moreover, as of 2022, Evan holds an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Evan Parke was holding a baby gator for a picture
Evan Parke was holding a baby gator for a picture. Source: Instagram

Aside from acting, Parke also runs a media content company. Moreover, he founded Arimathea Media Capital Inc. Moreover, Evan works as the CEO of the said company.

Given his fame and fortune, Parke leads his life in comfort. However, the actor keeps all of his assets hidden from the media. Similarly, Evan shares his work and only his work on his Instagram account.

Despite his long career in the industry, Evan’s online presence remains small. Moreover, he mostly posts about his work and project on IG. Likewise, only a couple of thousands follow the talented actor on social media sites.

Career of Evan

Evan Parke started his career in 1997 in the TV show All my Children. Likewise, he later gained a major push in 1999 in the series As the World Turns. Furthermore, Parke made his movie debut in The Replacements in 2000.

And the following years, Parke started making his presence felt in the industry. Besides appearing in Planet of the Apes in 2001, he also played Charlie Bernard in Alias from 2001 to 2002.

Moreover, the talented Evan found the role of Detective Raymond Cooper in Dragnet. What’s more, he appeared in the mentioned role for more than two dozen episodes of the show. And in 2005, Evan appeared in the King Kong movie in the role of Hayes. And on the same year, Parke reprised the role in the King Kong video game.

As of 2022, Evan appeared in the TV show Good Sam and The First Lady. Furthermore, on both of the shows, his characters are series regulars. Additionally, Parke landed a minor role as Rico in Beyond the Badge.

Is Evan Parke married?

The lack of info on Evan Parke’s relationship status still eludes the media. Furthermore, many of Evan’s fans concluded him to be single. What’s more, Parke keeps his professional life and love life away from each other.

Evan Parke was with Candice Afia and Devika Parikh pre-covid
Evan Parke was with Candice Afia and Devika Parikh pre-covid. Source: Instagram

We can find no wedding ring on Mr. Evan’s finger. And so, we assume Parke isn’t married just yet. Moreover, the Good Sam actor refrains from sharing anything close to his personal life on social media.

What about in his past? Did Evan marry a wife in secret? Well, Parke keeps all of his past affairs hidden from the world. And so, it remains a mystery if or not the talented actor tied the knot in the past. Moreover, all of his ex-girlfriends’ names remain hidden as well.

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