Updated: 06/03/2017 12:51 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Erin Krakow's Christian family was supportive of her acting pursuits

When Calls the Heart actress Erin Krakow's family supported her dream of becoming an actress. She was ainspired into acting by her younger brother. She got into singing and performing plays after her younger brother was born; it was a coping mechanism to lure back her parents’ divided attention. On a more serious note, she said “I guess it was my brother who pushed me into acting. What started as a need for more attention developed into a real passion and love for me.”

In addition, Erin’s parents were extremely supportive of her. In an interview, Erin recalled: “My family in particular has a lot of respect for the arts. My brother and I write music together, and my parents have always supported that”. She further added “they’ve also been at probably every performance we’ve ever had. We’re very lucky.”

Not much is known of Erin’s religious inclination. As a kid, however, Erin had fond memories of Christmas celebrations. She mentioned in an interview that she helped her mother “make [an] apple pie” during festive seasons. Also, she talks fondly of being grateful for all that she has had in her life and counting her ‘blessings’.