Updated: 05/30/2017 09:35 AM | First Published: 07/11/2016 02:37 PM

Erin Andrews has amazed the media with her bikini shots. Know her stunning Height and Measurements

Erin Andrews doesn't hesitate to flaunt her smoking hot curves. After all, why wouldn’t she? She is blessed with beautiful body measurements and an attractive height.

Erin Andrews has a well-maintained body and glowing look even in her late thirties

It is rather difficult to believe that Erin has such great looks even at her thirty eighth years. How many women do you know that can look such gorgeous after nearly four decades?

Erin stands 5 feet 10 inches and her body measures 36-23-33. She has an apple shaped figure. She wears a 34C bra. Needless to mention, she looks most attractive when her beautiful carved body is carried on short tight skirts.

Erin Andrews has had to work hard to look fantastic while being out and about as a sports journalist

Did you frankly think that it was possible to get such a great body without working out? While some of her glowing looks are natural, she has to work out on a regular basis to maintain her figure. Erin’s favorite workout spot is Physique 57.

Addressing her hectic work schedules, Erin declared in an interview: “Of course, there are days when I’m not able to fit in a workout, but then I’ll get in 30 minutes or an hour of exercise the next day—even it’s just a walk on the beach.”

Not only that, Erin prefers to wear dresses that perfectly enhance her figure. She looks stunning whenever she flaunt her body in sexy bikinis. Her bikini snaps earned her a 2007 and 2008 title of “America’s sexiest sportscaster” by the Playboy magazine in 2007.

Most recent was Erin’s bikini avatar. She looked flawless in her mismatched red and black bikini. The snap showed off ample amount of her cleavage and created a lot of fuss in the media.

Erin Andrews has had to endure some harsh criticism about her looks

To some people, Erin Andrew’s looks are what got her at the top of her game. She has been criticized time and again for flaunting her looks on-air.

However, Erin is not the one to give in to sexist comments. In her defense, Erin has declared, “I work with some of the best-dressed men in sports broadcasting—those boys get their hair and makeup done, and their clothes aren’t cheap”. She further added “So I just have to laugh about that double standard.”

Best known for anchoring ABC’S Dancing with the Stars and Fox Sports’ FOX College Football, Erin Andrews has many men crazy over her hot measurements and complementing height.