Eric Doyle Mensinger aka Eric Singer is best known as The Catman in an American rock band, Kiss.

He was born in Cleveland, on May 12, 1958, and brought up in Euclid, Ohio.

His father, Johnny Mensinger, was the leader of a local big band, which inspired Singer to pursue a career as a drummer.

Singer first worked at King Musical Instruments before establishing himself as a professional drummer.

Singer’s first convincing drumming work was as Lita Ford’s tour drummer in 1984. In 1985, he joined Black Sabbath, replacing Bill Ward.

In December 1991, he officially became the drummer for American rock band, Kiss, following the departure of Peter Criss in 1991.

However, in 1996, the original member, Peter Criss, rejoined the band and Singer saw an automatic exclusion.

He was asked to rejoin the group in 2001 after Criss left the band. Again in late 2002, he was axed from the group.

Singer has been a part of the same band ever since 2004 after Criss was excluded from the original contract. 

He was also the part of the band, Alice Cooper, until 2008. He left the band to give more time to Kiss, and his own band, Eric Singer Project.

From his successful career as a drummer, Singer has managed to collect a net worth of $15 million.