We all love Emilia Clarke as Khaleesi on Game of Thrones. She is fierce, badass and sexy as hell but like almost actors on movies and TV shows, she has a stunt double to help her shoot scenes.

Judging from the above photo, it looks like Rosie Mac is not just her body double but also her doppelganger. Rosie is as gorgeous as the actress is.

With the same little blonde hair and magical makeup as Emilia Clarke, the British model turns into Daenerys Targaryen including those signature cascading platinum locks.

Rosie, the swimsuit model has said that she didn’t audition for the role of Daenerys because she was convinced she’d never get the part. However, when she posted a picture wearing a long, blonde hair on Instagram, an agent noticed her photo and sent it to the GoT team. She said that she was so surprised when she got a call with an offer to double Emilia in the popular series

Viewers are never sure either they are watching Emilia or Rosie as they are pretty much impossible to tell apart when they are in costume. However, we can’t just get enough of the both versions of the mother of dragons.

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