Known for his compelling roles in Into the wild and Lords of Dogtown, Emile Davenport Hirsch, professionally known as Emile Hirsch is an American television and film actor who has been noted for becoming the character he portrays on the big screen. With unique film projects on his resume, he is known for his versatility and experimental take as an actor. Taking movie projects at an early age, Emile Hirsch has been able to accumulate a lot of fame and wealth throughout his career.His net worth is estimated to be around $15million.

Born on March 13, 1985, at Topanga, California, his family has a history of German-Jewish, English, and Scots-Irish lineage.Emile Hirsch was the youngest child to Margaret Esther and David M. Hirsch. He was born into a family of an entrepreneur father who was also a manager and producer and a mother who designed pop-up books and made visual arts. After his parents got divorced, Hirsch lived in New Mexico with his mother along with his older sister, Jenny.

Emile Hirsch attended middle school at Paul Revere Middle School in Los Angeles, CA. He was introduced to acting at an early age and attended the Academy of Music at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles to develop his acting skills.

Emile Hirsch doesn’t just play the characters,he becomes them

Emile Hirsch got his first acting gig at the age of 11 for an episode of Kindred: The Embraced .He stepped into the big screen at an early age of 13 for the horror movie Gargantua. Shortly after, he started to appear on TV shows NYPD Blue and ER. But it wasn’t before starring in the movie The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys at the age of 17 that he started to get noticed.

The actor was then offered a lead in the movie The Girl Next Door but was hesitant to star in a teenage movie fearing it would be bad. However, Emile Hirsch signed for the role which went on to be his big break in Hollywood. Following its success, he starred in other major movies with the popular names in Hollywood including  Lords of Dogtown with Heath Ledger along with appearing in Alpha Dog as a character based on real-life drug dealer alongside Sharon Stone, Bruce Willis and Justin Timberlake.

As an experimental actor, Emile Hirsch chooses to become the character he plays in the movies. Even for his role on Alpha Dog, he visited the real-life father of the drug dealer he played. His deep character development skills have been able to sketch an image that lives on even after the movie ends. His passionate take on character development was noted by the audience on his role for Christopher McCandless, a real-life hiker and traveler on the movie Into the Wild.

Talking about someone who takes his character very seriously, Emile Hirsch lost 40 pounds to play the role of Christopher McCandless. His dedication towards the character was not only noted by the fans but also nominated him on Screen Actors Guild for best actor. Following that, she starred in other big movies like Milk, Taking Woodstock and the Speed Racer. For his role in Speed Racer, he reportedly watched every episode of the Anime.He also starred in the award-winning film The Motel Life, Venuto al mondo and Bonnie & Clyde along with co-starring in the movie Prince Avalanche and Lone Survivor.He recently starred in the movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe and in working in other movie projects including Vincent-N-Roxxy, The Runaround and The Outsider.



Emlie Hirsch became father at the age of 28, mother unnamed

Despite being currently single, Emile Hirsch is known to be with many women in the past. The handsome 31-year old broke hearts when he started dating Amanda Seyfried when they co-starred together for the movie Alpha Dog in 2005.

He was then seen dating numerous women including Lucila Valdivia, Brianna Domont and Ellen Page. On 2013, Emile Hirsch became the father to his son, Valor through one of his undisclosed ex. It was reported that he met the mother of his child on an Oscar party but they seem to conceal both their romantic history and the mother’s identity. It is confirmed, however, that they are no longer romantically involved and have chosen to raise the child together as friends. He has stated that he will take full responsibility for the child who will remain a part of his life.

He recently tweeted an adorable picture with his 3-year old son holding the novel Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton with the caption “He [his son] just loves this book.  Not to read, just to hold!”

Emlie Hirsch was charged for assault at the Tao Nightclub

It is not uncommon for celebrities to have a drinking problem. But for a celebrity like Emlie Hirsch, who has dodged controversies, it was shocking when he was accused of aggravated assault. He apparently attacked and choked the Paramount executive Daniele Bernfeld in a completely drunk state at the Tao Nightclub in Park City. Emelie Hirsch pleaded guilty and stated that he was too drunk to remember the events of the night.

He spent 15 days in jail and paid $4,750 fine and required performing 50 hours of community service and entered a rehab facility thereafter referring to the incident as a “wake-up call.”

Now that Emlie Hirsch has cleansed himself of alcohol, he is working on new movies projects. With a net worth of $15 million, he is getting back to his acting career. With his recent comeback on the movie The autopsy of Jane Doe, the movie has already gotten great reviews and made quite a fortune in the box office. We look forward to seeing him more on his upcoming movies that are yet to be released.But if you think you can’t wait that long for him –you can follow him Twitter (@EmileHirsch)  ,Instagram and Facebook along with more than 100k of his other followers.