Elon Musk is an inventor, engineer, and innovator, renowned worldwide as the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Elon has been dedicating himself to space technologies and alternate energy research works for a long time and has been trying to redefine transportation on the earth and in space.

A South African-born American entrepreneur who became a multi-millionaire within his late twenties, Musk is now ranked #15 Richest Person in Tech and #94 among the billionaires in 2016 by Forbes. Musk is overseeing development of rockets & spacecraft for missions to the earth’s orbits and to other planets as well.

Elon Musk holds triple nationalities

Elon Musk holds citizenships of South Africa, Canada, and the USA. He was born as Elon Reeve Musk to a South-African electro-mechanical engineer, Errol Musk and a Canadian model Maye Musk in Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa on 28th June 1971.

He has two younger siblings: an entrepreneur and environmentalist brother Kimbal, and a film producer & director sister Tosca Musk. Following his parents’ divorce in 1980, he grew up with his dad in South Africa.

Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk looks very handsome as he wears a subtle smile

Often bullied by his agemates during his childhood, Musk was once hospitalized when some boys threw him down the stairs and beat him until he became unconscious. He went to English-speaking Waterkloof House Preparatory School and completed his graduation from Pretoria Bots High School before heading to Canada in 1989. The same year, he acquired Canadian citizenship through his mom. 

19-year-old Musk was enrolled at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for an undergraduate course but transferred to University of Pennsylvania after two years in 1992. Finally, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Physics from University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts and Sciences. He also majored in Economics at Wharton School of Business.

Techman Elon Musk's younger days picture. He learned computer programming since an early age by himself.

In 1995, he moved to California and pursued Ph.D. in Applied Physics & Materials Science at Stanford University but dropped out after just two days to start his business in the field of internet, outer space and renewable energy. He earned the U.S. citizenship in 2002. 

Elon Musk has founded and chaired multiple companies

Musk sold his start-up company named Zip2 to a division of Compaq Computers and achieved more success after founding X.com in the fall of 1990, SpaceX in 2002 and ultimately Tesla Motors in 2003. His inventions from Tesla and SpaceX has drawn great interest of people.

Earnings from Zip2 & PayPal shares helped Elon Musk pursue his dreams

Elon Musk testing the Hyperloop pod. Hyperloop is a transportation system that is safer than train and airplane.

Elon Musk’s biography is one of the most inspiring success stories of the 21st century. Co-founder of PayPal and chairman of SolarCity, Musk has been investing in the projects that can change the world.

Also co-chairman of OpenAI, he stated that goals of Tesla Motors, SolarCity & SpaceX spin around his vision to change the whole world and humanity. His aims include reducing global warming with the development of sustainable energy production & consumption and also reducing the risk of human extinction. 

Moreover, Musk has also proposed a high-speed transportation system called Hyperloop and has envisioned a VTOL supersonic jet craft with electric fan propulsion called as the Musk electric jet.

Elon Musk can’t get enough of anything: About Hyperloop, SolarCity and Neuralink

Elon’s personal life is quite messed up

Musk has been married thrice; twice with his second wife.  From 2000 to 2008, he shared a conjugal life with Justine Musk (née Wilson). Elon and Justine lost their first baby, a son whom they named Nevada Alexander, to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when he was 10 weeks old. They now share joint custody of five sons (twins and triplets), all of whom were born through IVF.

Elon Musk with his five sons

Musk got married to English actress Talulah Riley in 2010 but divorced her in 2012 only to remarry her a year later. However, the relationship couldn’t last long and they divorced once again in 2016. Musk is currently dating actress Amber Heard.

Elon Musk and Amber Heard confirmed their relationship through an Instagram post