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Quick Facts About Elon Musk

Name Elon Reeve Musk
Birth Name Elon Reeve Musk
Celebrated Name Elon Musk
Date of Birth June 28, 1971
Age 45 Years Old
Profession Business Celebrity
Gender Male
Nationality South-African, American and Canadian
Ethnicity White
Hair Color Light Brown
Eyes Color Hazel
Place Of Birth Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
Net Worth Usd 13100000000
Height In Feet 6.2
Weight In Kg 95
Weight 95 KG
Endorsment SolarCity
Wife Justine Wilson (2000-08) Talulah Riley (2010-12, 2013-16)
Bearded Style Beardless
Best Known For CEO and founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla Motors
Primary School English-speaking Waterkloof House Preparatory School
High School Pretoria Bots High School
University Queen's University and University of Pennsylvania

Elon Musk, South-African billionaire entrepreneur , Source : images.google.com

Elon Musk is trying to redefine transportation on earth & in space. He launched a landmark commercial spacecraft in 2012. The World recognizes him as a founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

South African entrepreneur, who became a multi-millionaire within his late twenties is now ranked #15 Richest people in tech and #94 billionaires in 2016 by Forbes. Musk is overseeing development of rockets & spacecraft for missions to earth orbits and finally to other planets as well. 

South African-born Musk sold his start-up company named Zip2 to a division of Compaq Computers and achieved more success after founding X.com in the fall of 1990s, SpaceX in 2002 and eventually Tesla Motors in 2003.

Elon Musk biography is one of the success stories of the 21st century. Co-founder of PayPal and chairman of SolarCity, he has been seen investing in the projects that can really change the world. The inventor, engineer, and innovator, Musk is working to design spaceships and electric cars. He has been dedicating himself to space & alternate energy technologies. 

Also a co-chairman of OpenAI, he stated that goals of Tesla Motors, SolarCity & SpaceX spin around his vision to change the whole world and humanity. His aims include reducing global warming with the development of sustainable energy production & consumption and also reducing the risk of human extinction. 

Moreover, Musk has also proposed a high-speed transportation system called Hyperloop and has envisioned a VTOL supersonic jet craft with electric fan propulsion called as the Musk electric jet.

Father of six sons, billionaire entrepreneur is not as happy in his personal life as he is in his professional life. His every attempt in his career has paid off, but he couldn’t make it in his love life. Thrice married but twice with his 2nd wife, and father of six sons, Musk is currently single.

Started from Zip2, PayPal shares helped Elon Musk pursue his dreams

Billionaire entrepreneurs: Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, Source : images.google.com

Elon Musk was born as Elon Reeve Musk to a South-African electro-mechanical engineer, Errol Musk and a Canadian model Maye Musk in Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa on 28th June 1971. His birth was followed by his two younger siblings: his entrepreneur and environmentalist brother Kimbal and film producer & director sister Tosca Musk. 

Following his parents’ divorce in 1980, he grew up with his dad in South Africa. Probably got influenced by his dad, he developed an interest in technology as a 10-years-old boy and learned computer programming by himself. It’s was quite a matter of surprise that he sold the code for a BASIC-based video game called Blastar to PC and Office Technology, a magazine for approx. $500 when he was just 12.

Often bullied by his agemates in his childhood, he was once hospitalized when some boys threw him downstairs and beat him until he became unconscious. Initially attended private schools, he later went to English-speaking Waterkloof House Preparatory School and finally completed his graduation from Pretoria Bots High School before heading to Canada in 1989. It was when he got Canadian citizenship through his mom. 

19-years-old Musk was enrolled at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for undergraduate study but transferred to University of Pennsylvania after two years in 1992. Finally, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in physics from University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts and Sciences and majoring in Economics from Wharton School of Business. 

In 1995, he moved to California and pursued Ph.D. in applied physics & materials science at Stanford University but dropped after just two days to start his business in the field of Internet, outer space and renewable energy. He earned U.S. citizenship in 2002. 

In collaboration with his brother Kimbal, he launched a web software company named Zip2 with $28 thousand of their dad’s money in 1995. Started with the development and marketing of an Internet “city guide” for newspaper publishing industry, he received contracts from Chicago Turbine and The New York Times. 

He wanted to be CEO of Zip2 but all board members didn’t agree with his intends. Finally, the company was sold to Compaq for 307 million USD in cash & 34 million USD  in stock options in 1999 February. Musk obtained 7% from the sale so that he could start to co-found an online financial services and e-mail payment company, X.com investing $10 million. 

A year later, X.com merged with Confinity, the company that had money transfer service known as PayPal. Shortly afterward, the company focused on PayPal service and was finally renamed PayPal in 2001 with Musk as chairman and CEO. Early growth of the company was driven by the viral marketing campaign which saw a rapid increase of customers. He was ousted from the position of CEO when eBay bought PayPal for 1.5 billion USD and providing Musk $180 million for his shares.

With his involvements in various projects, the horizon of his vision was broadened even more. Receiving enough funds from the sale of PayPal could help him to pursue his other interests like alternative energy sources and space engineering services.

Elon Musk is trying to make his innovative ideas reality through SpaceX & Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk alongside Roadster car, Source : images.google.com

Elon Musk conceptualized “Mars Oasis”, a mission to land a small greenhouse on Mars that would contain food crops growing on the Martian regolith.  Following Zip2 that was acquired by Compaq Computers and X.com that later became PayPal, his confidence for his mission grew even more as he could invest $100 million of the amount he received for his shares of 11.7% at PayPal for the establishment of his third company SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) in 2002 June.

Now, he is a Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer of the Hawthorne, California-based company that currently develops and manufactures space launch vehicles aiming to advance rocket technology. First two vehicles launched by companies are Falcon 1 & Falcon 9. Falcon 1 became the first privately funded vehicle to put a satellite into the Earth orbit on 25 May 2012. 

SpaceX obtained a contract from NASA to continue the development & test of Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon Spacecraft to handle cargo transport to international space. Boundless potential of exploring space and vision of preserving human race have become the keystones of Musk’s enduring interests that led him to establish the Musk Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to the discovery of renewable energy sources and space exploration. 

In 2003, Musk involved incorporated with the Tesla Motors, which was previously led by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. Those two men financed the company until the Series A investment in 2004 that was when Musk joined Board of directors of Tesla and became a chairman. Afterward, he took an active role within Tesla and supervised Roadster product design at the detailed level. 

He assumed leadership of the company as Chief Executive Officer and product architect following 2008 financial crisis. He still holds the position. Tesla Motors launched an electric sports car named Tesla Roadster in 2008 and got the sales of approx. 2,500 vehicles in 31 countries. He received Global Green 2009 Product Design Award for design.

The company dedicated to producing mass-market electric cars, it launched IPO (Initial Public Offering) with a stake in company taken by Daimler and strategic collaboration with Toyota raising $226 million. Tesla’s first electric sedan, Model S, capable of covering 265 miles between charges was launched in 2012. The car was honored as “Car of the Year 2013” by Motor Trend magazine. In 2014, Model S 85D and P85D was unveiled that is the 1st electric car with a dual motor with features like insane acceleration (0-97 kmh run of 3.2 sec), revolutionary autopilot system (including radar, forward-looking camera, 360-degree ultrasonic sensors).  

In 2016, March Elon launched a five-seated car, Tesla Model 3 that is considered the most affordable Tesla car to date with price starting at $35,000. He claimed that Model 3 would be one of the world’s safest cars and deliveries will begin by late 2017.

In addition to building his own cars, Tesla sells electric powertrain systems to Daimler for the Mercedes B-Class Electric Class Electric Drive, Mercedes A-Class, and Smart EV & to Toyota for RAV4 EV. He brought both companies as longtime investors in Tesla. He has been often compared to Henry Ford for his dedication to a development of advanced vehicle powertrains.

His incredible critical management skills led to what the company is now. He gave his everything while the company was leading to the downturn quite a few times throughout the years. He owns 30% of Tesla Motors, Inc.  He was ranked #94 in the list of billionaires 2016, #15 in the list of Richest People in Tech and #21 Powerful People in 2016 by Forbes. Currently, he owns an estimated net worth of around $13.1 billion.

Elon Musk can't get enough of anything: Has another innovative idea, Hyperloop

Elon Musk with his cousins: Lyondon Rive and Peter Rive (SolarCity co-founders), Source : images.google.com

SolarCity Corp. is an energy services provider based in San Mateo, California. His two cousins Peter and Lyndon Rive are the founders of the company while is a shareholder. He began with $10 million investment in 2003 after getting his back his 11% shares after PayPal sale

SolarCity provides solar power systems for businesses, homes, and governments. The company built solar-powered electric systems for eBay and British Motors in 2008. In Musk’s continuing effort to promote & advance sustainable energy for wider consumer base, in 2016 August, a 2.6 billion USD deal was solidified to combine his solar energy and electric cars companies. 

Elon Musk and his company SpaceX made a history after launching Falcon 9 into space. The vehicle was sent to the Space Station with thousand pounds of supplies for the astronauts, making it the first privately funded spacecraft sent to International Space Station. SpaceX launched another Falcon 9 equipped with Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite aiming to know the extreme emissions from the sun that affect communication system on the earth. 

Musk has been giving a tireless effort believing that he will make his innovative ideas a reality in future. In 2013, he released a new concept called Hyperloop, a new form of transportation that would foster traveling between major cities. ideally resistant to weather and driven by renewable energy, the Hyperloop would push riders in pods via a network of low-pressure tubes at speeds over 7000 mph. 

Musk stated that the Hyperloop could take from 7 to 10 years to be completely built and ready for use and also claimed that it would be safer than a plane or train with estimated cost of 6 billion dollars i.e. one tenth of the cost of rail system planned by California state. His concept has drawn disbelief. 

Elon announced the founding of a not-for-profit Artificial Intelligence research company called OpenAI that aims for developing artificial intelligence in a way that is beneficial to humanity. Making AI, accessible to everyone, OpenAI wishes to counteract the large corporations, which may gain too much power by possessing super intelligence systems for profits and also governments, which may use Artificial Intelligence to gain power. 

In regard to his philanthropies, he is chairman of the Musk Foundation that focuses its charitable efforts on providing solar-power energy services in disaster areas. The Foundation donated a 25-kW solar power system to South Bay Community Alliance’s hurricane response center in Alabama in collaboration with SolarCity.

In 2015, he donated $1 million for the construction of Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe and built Tesla Supercharger in car park of the museum. Likewise, he donated $10 million to the Future of Life Institute to do global research focused at keeping AI beneficial to humanity. He is a trustee of X Prize Foundation & a signatory of The Giving Pledge since 2015.

He has had guest appearances in numbers of entertainment productions including film Thank You for Smoking (2005), film Iron Man 2 (2010), animated TV sitcom The Simpsons (2015), TV series Big Bang Theory (2015), environmental documentary Racing Extinction (2015), romantic comedy movie Why Him? (2016) and many more.

Thrice-married but twice with 2nd wife, Elon Musk's personal life has been a mess

Happy Days! Elon Musk and Talulah Riley together, Source : images.google.com

Elon Musk, whose name is internationally popular more for tech money, has managed to remain a face primarily of business rather than a personal drama even though his relationships details portray an interesting storyline. 

Better to be called a thrice-married man but two times to his second wife, he first married Justine Wilson, a Canadian author for 8 years. Been in love with each other since their days at Queens University in Ontario, the couple tied the knot in 2000 and separated in 2008 after having six sons together: twins and triplets born via In-Vitro Fertilization are alive now.

The cute bundle joys are named Saxon Musk, Xavier Musk, Kai Musk, Griffin Musk, Nevada Alexander Musk and Damian Musk. First one out of six, Nevada Alexander tragically died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome just after ten weeks of birth. The duo’s divorce was finalized with an agreement to share their boys' custody. 

Following that, he started seeing British actress Talulah Riley, after meeting her for the first time at a London nightclub. Smitten by each other, their romance took off shortly and after just 2 weeks, Riley moved to Los Angeles with him. The lovebirds married in Scotland in 2010. 

Musk and Riley’s relationships have gone through several reconciliations followed by subsequent break-ups since they met for the first time after he divorced his first wife. Everything went on smoothly until 2 years after marriage when filing for a divorce from his wife in 2012, Elon wrote on Twitter “It was an amazing four years. I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day.” 

However, the couple’s strong bonds of affection once again brought them together after 18 months separation. This time, marital bliss hung in the air for next 2 & a half years until Musk filed for divorce on New Year’s Eve in 2014. Reports had it that the billionaire businessman agreed to give 16 million dollars in cash for divorce settlement in accordance with their pre-marital agreement.

That too didn’t stick. Again, he withdrew the petition 7 months later and they once again stayed together for next few months. But finally, Musk and Riley agreed to split and said in a joint statement that their marriage was ended with mutual consent & they continue to see each other as friends. The divorce was finalized in 2016. The couple has no children together.

Reports have it that actress Amber Heard, who recently divorced her husband of two years, Johnny Depp and this multi-billionaire business tycoon are seeing each other. Some sources have claimed them as just friends. However, they have been under media scrutiny assumed to be the love interest of one another lately after they were spotted hanging together several times at Delano South Beach Hotel.