Dustin Hurt is an American wildland firefighter, contractor and a reality TV star, best known for his appearance on Gold Rush.

He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Dakota Fred Hurt, a gold miner. 

Previously, he had tried his hands in construction and installed seawalls in Louisiana Bayou. 

He started working as a wildland firefighter for California Forest Service in his mid-20s. 

He later joined his father’s gold mining crew, when he bought the Jim Nail Placer mine in Haines, Alaska. 

The two worked together and brought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold until they left the show in 2014. 

However, they are back with another show, Gold Rush: White Water, which premiered on January 19, 2018. 

The show aims to mine gold from a secluded canyon with a group of mountaineers, divers and daredevils. 

When he is not busy mining gold, he likes to go snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing. 

With his career as a TV personality and a gold miner, he has accumulated a net worth of $1 million.