For anyone who enjoys the adrenaline rush of nature and treacherous geography, Dual Survival is the ultimate television-screen journey. The concept of a reality TV show paired with a nature enthusiast’s wisdom is what the show represents in a nutshell.

The show follows two individuals of highly inspirational backgrounds who put their work and glory to survive mother nature in conditions that are unattainable and unbelievable for normal people. Dual Survival ran for a successful array of 9 seasons, with 84 episodes. This like any other reality show has its own stories of gossip and little-known truths. 

The most exciting part of the show is that it’s not just about the survivalist’s compatibility. It also compromises with nature, but their instinctive survival with each other. Today, we are here to unearth little-known facts about Dual Survival that have surfaced throughout the years.

5. The Ridiculous Typo Accredited to Discovery

It feels cringy on various levels when one finds out that one of the biggest TV networks makes a gross marketing mistake. That too during the launch of the teaser. When the show first opened its curtains on YouTube with a crisp promo, the title read Dual Survivor Tonight at 10 PM e/p on Discovery Channel’, much to the confusion of the audience.

And when the voice-over and the title didn’t quite seem to add up, Internet’s biggest catch, the memes were inevitable. Although we all make mistakes, no one will ever know how Discovery managed to get through all the editing without noticing this major glitch.

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4. Cody Lundin and His Line of Choices

This piece of fact defies everything that a reality show like this stands for. Cody Lundin was the most prominent face from Season 1 through Season 4. A celebrated naturalist and elementary-skills pro, he made the mistake of telling the world that he went through a whopping selection process in choosing his partners, with as many as 21 people from different backgrounds. 

Dual Survival star Cody Lundin was blowing an ember into flame at Rabbitstick Rendezvous, the early 1990s
Cody Lundin was blowing an ember into flame at Rabbitstick Rendezvous, in the early 1990s. Source: Instagram

Now, this blunder does not only prove the extent of a scripted television show that is currently being created. But also makes the incompatible circumstances faced by him and his successive partners a colossal error in decision-making. I mean, if you were to pick your ideal partner to give us some good TV time and then fail at it, why go through the tedious process of hand-picked co-contestants in the first place?

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3. Lawsuit

Cody Lundin was arguably the most famous face in Dual Survival, who had too many crazy facts to share in his treasure box. Like every creator has a problem with the visual editing department, he also, threw some mud at them. Come to think of the time when Lundin and Joe Teti had an ugly face-off during one of the episodes. The thrill and gossipy edge were truly an audience keeper.

According to Cody, there have been many such incidents that made him look like the weaker of the two and his presentation of sorts suffered image redundancy. Although we do not know exactly what was what, Cody was wise enough to legally sue the channel for losing precious, experienced contributions to a show that ultimately despised him with incoherent editing.

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2. What was the Show Aiming for? TRP or Real-life Survival?

Before we comment on anything controversial, let us just say that whatever comes on television works towards entertainment, often masks the genuine essence of the content. Be it, Discovery Channel’s attempt at celebrating life and wilderness or a political news channel’s views on socio-economic propaganda.

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Media has engulfed so much of our ability to judge, that we just don’t know what to believe anymore. Drama is the most pivotal element here, that makes a show popular among the masses, and Dual Survival had no dearth of it. The fabrications and unnecessary storylines of make-believe dramatic modulations increasingly became so evident that the respect began to decay. It has been said by the contestants themselves how the show is twisted to fit the taste of the general TV-viewing public and now, the line between authentic and sham is just too hard to point out.

1. Stick Stickly Who?

Remember Stick Stickly from Nickelodeon in the Afternoon? Did you know the guy who voiced Stick Stickly is the same guy whose voice we hear in Dual Survival as the unseen narrator? Paul Christie’s fascinating voice is an all-rounder here who is tricking our minds with so much of a contrast! Well, who would have known? But kudos to the man who has created so much diversity on television and that too without physical representation!

Dual Survival has had its good times and its bad times but made a lasting impression. It’s why the show ran on for 9 seasons in just 6 years. The show received generally positive reviews and was a part of Discovery‘s ensmble of survival shows such as Man Vs Wild, Naked And Afraid etc.

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