Don Lemon's shirtless tweet was more popular than marriage rumors



Don Lemon - Info

Name Don Lemon
Profession Journalist
Gender Male
Birthday March 01, 1966
Age 51 Years Old
Star Sign Aries

Where the rumors of his marriage with Stephanie Ortiz hasn’t cooled down, his shirtless selfie and tweets created a storm on the internet. Either he is in the news for his professionalism or for his personal matters.

The news of him being gay is also known to everyone. As soon as he came out as gay, rumors of him having boyfriend started revolving. He was previously in a relationship with Ben Tinker and currently with John Byrne. So, how much truth Lemon’s marriage with Stephanie Ortiz rumor holds, it’s unknown.

Hello Summer. We've missed you.

A photo posted by Don Lemon (@donlemoncnn) on

Nevertheless, Lemon has been catching limelight regarding his marriage and boyfriend but why he needed to pose shirtless and post it on Twitter? Many people were shocked by his stunt and his wrong caption even fueled a bigger fire.

We don’t know if the tweet promoted the measles issue or not but it has definitely promoted him to the shirtless club. He was also seen shirtless with his ex-boyfriend Ben Tinker while they were on vacation.

Don Lemon’s shirtless tweet questioned his intelligence but it appeared to create storm bigger than the rumor of his marriage with alleged wife Stephanie Ortiz.

Don Lemon’s shirtless pictures brought an internet storm, greater than the rumor of his marriage with alleged wife Stephanie Ortiz. You don’t want to miss his bare chest pictures.

Geraldo Rivera, Cable news host, is known for flaunting his bare chest on social media but he's not alone now. Don Lemon has officially become one of those anchors posting shirtless pictures on social medias.

Don Lemon became the subject of mockery, but why?

Due to un- and under-vaccinated problem, the measles outbreak originated in Anaheim, spread to 14 states. Where pundits and politicians were all weighing in on the issue of mandatory vaccinations, Don Lemon also showed his support for the issue by posting a picture of his scar on twitter.

Lemon posted a picture of his bare chest with a tweet "My #measles shot scar from childhood. Do we still need it? Doctor answers on @CnnTonight 10pET. Use # VaccineQs".

But the interesting fact is that measles vaccination doesn’t leave a scar. Those who identified the scar in the picture as not a measles shot jumped on the comment box.

Though he’s done the stupidity, he successfully leaked a nice shirtless selfie. But he became the subject of Twitter mockery.

Later he admitted it to be a smallpox shot but the mockery didn’t end there. Well, everyone knew it was his stunt to leak shirtless pic but he should have done some research first.

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