Don Imus is a veteran American landscape photographer, writer, humorist, radio and television talk show host and philanthropist. He celebrates his birthday on July 23 every year and was born in the year 1940 as John Donald Imus, Jr.  in Riverside, California, United States. He was raised in a cattle ranch in Arizona and dropped out of college when he was 17. On winning a talent contest, he stared working as a singer and song writer at Johnny Otis’s nightclub and recorded three albums at WNB. He became a radio disc jockey later at KUTY radio station on June 28, 1968. He was fired for saying ‘hell’ on air. At WNBC radio, he ran his show Imus…In the Morning…In the Evening which went on air for the first time in 1973. His show gained a large number of audiences because he had a tint of humor and was a great prankster making several on air pranks. He received a lot of criticisms for his various defamatory comments and gets him into controversies quite often. He has released three comedy albums This Honky’s Nuts, One Scared Chicken to Go with Anthrax and 1200 Hamburgers to Go and has written many books.

The glorious years of her career has garnered him lot of fame and fortune. Over the years he has accumulated an estimated net worth of $40 million. He makes huge contributions to his net worth from his work as a radio and television personality and also earns a satisfactory amount as an author and photographer. His actual annual salary is yet to be revealed by any of the major sites. The value of his waterfront mansion in Westport, Connecticut was $13.5 million in 2013. In 2010 he signed a $3 million three-year contract with Fox News and signed a five-year contract with WABC worth of $40 million. Even at this age, he is still working and adding to his net worth.