Dilshad Vadsaria’s parents want her to get married but the question is who is she dating? Some sources revealed that she has secretly married to someone. Let’s explore her dating history and find out how true the statement is.

The last time Dilshad was seen dating a man was in 2008 when she was romantically linked with Greek actor Jake McDorman. Sadly, the relationship lasted for only a short period. Since breaking up with Jake, she has not been found sharing love relation with anyone.

A couple of months back while giving an interview, she revealed that her parents want her to take the responsibility as a wife. She added that they want to see her settle with a man and that they have even started to search for an ideal partner for her.

Dilshad Vadsaria was born in Karachi, Pakistan to a native couple. And perhaps, their culture and religion might be a prime reason that her parents are so worried about her conjugal life.

It was recently in the news that Vadsaria has finally married. The news was revealed by Washington Daily News on 13th August2016. The newspaper also exposed that she was in a relation with someone since along time. The news came as a shock to many of her fans since she hasn’t been seen dating anyone since a long time.

According to the WDN, Vadsaria tied the knot with her anonymous accomplice in a private function at some secret place.

Who would have thought that Dilshad who has always stayed quiet about her relationship would all of a sudden get hitched to somebody hiding from all her fans? Anyway, the marriage could just be a rumor since she has not given confirmation to the news yet.

Nevertheless, at some point, the news seems to have some truth to it as she had revealed that her parents were compelling her to get married as quickly as possible.

Well! All her fans have unquestionably got stunned with the exposure of her marriage news.

Dilshad’s parents’ dream would be certainly broken if the news proves untrue. Her parents might have hoped for their daughter to get married to someone of their choice. We just hope that Dilshad Vadsaria and her parents’ choice matchup and end up on a happy note.