You can have a glance at the couple’s strong intimacy and devotion through Vega’s social media accounts filled with her husband’s pictures. The two have recently freshened their vows celebrating the 8th year of their marriage.

Eight years and counting … ❤️❤️

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Married for almost 8 years now, there is no any news of Cecilia Vega’s children. Maybe the couple’s busy work schedules are the reason they are still not ready to extend their family. However, Cecilia Vega’s bonding with husband Ricardo Jimenez seems strong, not showing chances of divorce anytime soon.

Cecilia Vega, an American journalist, feels proud to be a woman of a guy like Ricardo Jimenez. Her husband Jimenez is a California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer. Let’s explore some more about her married life and family.

Cecilia is married to CHP officer Ricardo since 2008. The epitome of this beauty with brain, Vega, who is herself a senior national correspondent and co-host of “ABC World News” is proud to be the wife of Ricardo Jimenez.

Why do you think she is proud of her husband? Is it just because her husband is CHP Officer? Of course, not. Let’s go inside to know more.

Seven years ago today. ❤️❤️

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Wife Cecilia Vega is proud of her husband! God’s representative to save other’s life risking owns.

Many might be familiar to Cecilia, a famous face in ABC News desk. The dynamic news anchor’s blissful married life might have backed her professional path.

Well, we can’t deny that numerous hardships and challenges are encountered while moving along the way either it’s in our personal or professional life.

Cecilia and husband Ricardo has been married for nearly a decade. Still, the couple keeps the hands on each without giving a fuss to the minor disputes appeared in their life.

Vega, herself is a well-respected national media personality but she has revealed that she is proud to be a wife of that man who was honored with Meritorious Achievement Award for saving a life of an intoxicated man, who’s about to fall from the edge of a bridge.

Just imagine how much caring the man can be to his wife if he can save any stranger’s life risking his own.

Ricardo stood by his promise of protecting the civilians’ life and keeping his own life at risk, he did some part of his work. And his bravery to put his life in danger for protecting another’s life make Vega feel proud.

Married since 2008 yet no children! What held them so strongly?

Marriage is a promise, both parties make officially to hold each other through all the ups and downs of their life. Likewise, this devoted couple is still sharing a strong bond even after eight years of marriage.

We all know that children are a big time commitment for a married couple. Perhaps, for this Vega and Jimenez, focused on their career they might have put off having kids.

Bring your husband to work day.

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Seemingly, a strong sense of affection towards each other and understanding they have, have put them together yet.